If Wishes Were Horses: Cross-Gender Timeslip (co-authored by Lasya Shashimohan)

Addy can communicate with animals by telepathy. His suicide attempt brings him to pre-independent India of 1935. He finds himself to be in a 16-year-old female body on a wedding day.

Stranded Cruise: Cross-Gender Timeslip Story (co-authored by Lasya Shashimohan)

32-year-old Maurice marries a young Japanese woman called Yulia Sugawara and goes on a luxury cruise on January 20, 2020. Yulia had lost her family in the 2011 tsunami. Maurice knows about Yulia’s tragedy and wants to make the rest of her life blissful. All is well until Yulia is tested positive for COVID-19 and succumbs to it. Heartbroken Maurice takes a flight to the US, in which he loses consciousness. Maurice wakes up in a classroom. He finds himself in a delicate female body dressed in a school uniform. He has been transformed into Yulia and time-travelled to Fukushima of March 2011, the day Yulia’s family was washed away by the tsunami.

The Final Barrier: A Lesbian-MTF Romance

21-year-old Kajol is getting engaged. She isn’t in love with her fiancé. The match has been fixed by her parents. Kajol has a best friend called Trishna, a transgirl.Events take an interesting turn when Kajol falls madly in love with Nicole, an attractive biker-girl who is in town for a short period. How will this love triangle shape up?

Once I Was a Tomboy: A Lesbian-MTF Romance

Aabha is born in a northern Indian village where men are given all the importance and women treated like dirt. She is a tomboy and has male friend. The best friend Vivek loves Aabha and wishes to marry her when they grow up. However, her marriage is fixed by parents at a young age. After 6 years of unhappy marriage she runs for help to a women’s rehabilitation home. An unusual friendship begins between Aabha and the rehabilitation home manager. Aabha soon finds that her lesbian lover is in danger.

Serendipitous Love: A Lesbian-MTF Romance

Sylvia is a young lawyer working at a Lawyer-Detective Agency. Silvia has dated a few men and a woman, but her heart still belongs to a boy she had loved when she was 14 years old. When the receptionist cum assistant quits, they hire Jasmine, a single mother of a 3-year-old daughter. Sylvia soon falls into a relationship with Jasmine. Sylvia helps Jasmine in the custody battle with parents-in-law. Sylvia discovers something very disturbing during the investigation.

As You Like It: A Boy Who Became A Leading Actress

The life of a young actor of a local theater gets better when he is cast as Touchstone in “As You Like It”. Just before the opening date, the main actress is hospitalized. Her understudy for Rosalind’s role turns out to be a miserable performer in the rehearsal. The desperate director casts him as Rosalind. His girl friend is upset to see him dressed as Rosalind and breaks up with him. His emotional life becomes barren.

Imposed Womanhood

Orthopedic surgeon Nikhil has a great career and a loving wife. Nikhil is befriended by an amiable young man, who abducts Nikhil and incarcerates him. During captivity, Nikhil is castrated and forced to wear brassieres and skirts. Nikhil is not aware that his wife is also held hostage in her home. This is a revenge story by feminization.

Prisoned in Femininity

Angela is a 35-year-old patient hospitalized for many years. She suffers from amnesia due to a car accident that killed her parents. Angela has a beautiful face, body and caring hospital staff. She also has a loving uncle and two male cousins. However, Angela distrusts them all;hospital staff, relatives and her own body. Her memory shows that she was born a man, not a woman.

Feminized by Hypnosis

21-year-old Adam Beckwell is a loner who has extreme fear of sex. Susan, his neighbor is a social butterfly. She dresses in bold bright colors, expresses herself freely and loves sex. When Adam visits psychiatrist, Dr. Ella Brown, she suggests that he and Susan may be the same person. Adam likes Ella and slowly falls in love with his seemingly warm, encouraging therapist.

Feminized by Evil Spirit: Never Sleep with Another Man’s Wife

15-year-old Yashas is a happy son of a well-to-do parents. When the family moves to a new gorgeous house, he starts feeling tired and ill. He can’t recall anything that he has studied and fails his quarterly exams. One evening Yashas feels that he is being chased by an invisible entity. Yashas goes home and wears his mother’s dress. He sits on the floor and starts talking like a rustic girl. Yashas’s body begins to feminize. In about months, the paranormal female entity has turned Yashas into a voluptuous young woman. Will the female spirit ever leave Yasha’s body?

Slippery Slope in a Sales Pitch: Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform

24-year-old Eric is a car salesman with a beautiful wife and a baby daughter. One day he sells a demo-car as a new car to a rich businessman’s wife. At the complaints from the buyer Eric makes additional mistakes trying to conceal the incident. The buyer requests Eric to pay a huge amount by his own money or to take up an overseas job, which turns out to be working as a female employee.

Slippery Slope in a Day Trading: A Reluctant Auditionee

18-year-old Raj used to be a child actor. One day he meets Vimal, the producer who had first cast him in a movie. Vimal convinces Raj that he can become rich through day trading. Raj uses his meager savings and borrows money from Chopra for leveraged trading. At the end of the day, he has a huge debt to Chopra. Chopra wants his money back, or play in his movie free of charge. Raj is shocked to learn that he must play a female role.

Never Insult A Feminist: Feminized for Feminism

The protagonist is a 27-year-old man who runs a cabaret business. Through a dating site, he meets Reema a young scientist cum feminist, and marries her. After marriage, he becomes chauvinistic and controlling. One night, the couple has a terrible quarrel. In the heat of the moment he slaps his wife. Reema leaves him with a female friend. Further, the protagonist is abducted by Reema’s coworker and put in a life-threatening situation.

Trapped: Feminized for Revenge

Oliver runs his own CPA firm in London. When he breaks up with his girl friend, he takes a road trip and stops at a bar. There, he is abducted by two men who seem to be working for “Madam X.” Oliver is subsequently feminized, pimped, forced to have a uterus transplant and carry a baby to term.

Forbidden Sanctuary: Feminized on an Island Closest to Heaven

Jared Wells, a 21-year-old young man from the conservative biblical belt of America, sets away to explore new lands in his boat. After umpteen weeks, he spots an island in Africa. Fascinated by its virginal beauty, Jared get off his boat and steps on the island. Jared is accosted by Kave Iwe, the chief of the Zorba Tribe, and his men. Kave takes him home to his mother. After this, begins the journey of the forced feminization.

A Mysterious Boy

35-year-old renowned writer Sarah McCartney is a secret lesbian with a fear of betrayal in love. She lives a lonely life with her maiden aunt, Mary. When returning from a writing workshop, Sarah finds a young man being manhandled by thugs in the shady area of Moss Side. Sarah scares away the thugs with her emergency whistle and brings the unconscious man home. The young stranger is about 18 years old and is unusually beautiful, with thick black hair and dainty chiseled features. The young man is accommodated in the guest bedroom. Sarah stays by his side the entire night. When the young man regains consciousness the next morning, he claims to be a woman and Sarah’s spouse.

Haunted Red Shoes

15-year-old orphan Max Robinson is adopted by the kindly Samuel Wright, a businessman. Samuel owns a striptease club called Tantalize and has a 15-year-old daughter called Ava. She is loving and giving towards her foster brother. However, she allows no one to touch her one possession: her red shoes. After Ava tragically passes away in a car accident, Max can’t resist the temptation to wear her red shoe. A series of strange occurrences follow this event. Max’s body begins to feminize and he loses his penis.

The Devil with an Angel’s Smile

Willie Hall is a confused 18 year old trying to find his purpose in life. He becomes fascinated by 30-year-old Bella Myra, who is a spiritual teacher and social media celebrity. The desire to be with Bella takes Willie miles away from Utah to Costa Rica. He joins a 2 year diploma in New Age Spirituality at Flora, a spiritual retreat cum learning center run by Bella and her husband, Marcel. Willie has a revelation during the Inner Child Meditation. He has been abused as a child by his own dad. Through hypnosis and other techniques that tap into the subconscious, Willie learns that he was a famous gay man in his past life. Furthermore, Willie learns that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body. Will Bella Myra help Willie get in touch with his true inner self?

My Dad Was My Hero

36-year-old Zack Rossi leads an ideal family life with wife, Donna and 16-year-old daughter, Aria. All is well until Donna accidentally kills a woman at a crossing. The woman had abruptly crossed when the traffic lights had turned green. However, lawyer Wade Ferri claims otherwise. He represents the accident victim’s 93-year-old father, Antonio Serra. Together, they are fabricating a vicious claim. When they are unable to pay the demanded amount, the mafia threatens to take Aria away and force her into prostitution. Zack volunteers to go instead of the daughter.

Feminized for Inspiration

Alicia Tinley, a 34-year-old author, has just won the Man Booker Prize for her book “When it Happened”, which revolves around the “corrective” rape she and her partner Lia Costa had suffered 17 years back. The Booker Prize catapults Alicia into fame after which she marries Theo, a beautiful 21-year-old Briton. In many ways, he reminds Alicia of Lia… Alicia starts writing her next novel and is inspired to write the story of Desire, a young carefree trans woman. Alicia is only used to writing about events which have transpired in reality. She, therefore, decides to feminize her husband–for inspiration.

Feminized in the Name of God

Laksh is born to a prostitute named Anita. Anita is a good woman who is controlled by her evil mother. Laksh’s grandma is unhappy that her fair and lovely grandchild is a baby boy. She had hoped that Anita would give birth to a baby girl, who could later be forced into prostitution. As Laksh grows into puberty, his evil grandma surreptitiously feminizes him. Laksh, now called Lily, is now a beautiful young woman. Lily, a trained dancer, is forced to perform for Abby Desai, a depraved rich young man. Abby Desai wishes to make Lily his mistress, but Lily wants to grow up to be an educated trans woman and marry her boyfriend, Vivek Joshi. Will Lily be able to live the life of her dreams and escape the web of prostitution her grandma has spun for her?

Voices from the Past

21-year-old Briton, Peter Wright marries his sweetheart, Libby Brown. The two visit Kolkata for their honeymoon. The newlyweds decide to visit the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple to seek blessings of the deity. When inside the temple, Peter Wright goes into a trance and starts hearing a voice. The voice commands Peter to walk along the banks of the River Ganges, cross a mini forest and stop at a side street where vendors sell women’s clothes, jewelry and makeup items. Under the influence of the hypnotic voice, Peter dresses like a woman and sits under a tree for hours until his wife finds him. The voice persists and seems bent on feminizing Peter. Is it a supernatural force or does it only exist inside Peter’s head?

The Androgynous Model

Oliver Evans, an 18-year-old androgynous model, is terrified of heights. His manager cum best buddy, Jasper Robinson, tricks Oliver into going to Morocco, where Oliver models for renowned photographer Dame Felicity Wright. Oliver finds himself mesmerized by a group of female Shikhat (traditional Moroccan dance) dancers. He starts dancing with them. The dance moves come to Oliver magically, even though he has never heard of nor learnt the Shikhat dance. Oliver discovers that he is comfortable in a female dancer’s costume. He, eventually, begins to develop a desire to transition into a woman. Oliver’s desires turns life as he knows it topsy turvy, but helps him find the love of his life. After becoming “Amina”, Oliver discovers the reason for his fears.

Abigail Resurrected

18-year-old Noah Edwards is a professional mourner. He has lost his parents a long time back. Noah attends 18-year-old Abigail Lewis’s funeral along with his colleagues. Abigail is a sick, young girl who has succumbed to an unusual type of tuberculosis. At the end of the funeral, Abigail’s mother, Imogene Lewis, asks Noah to stay back. She offers him a job for a large sum of money. The job entails Noah dressing up like the deceased Abigail by wearing her clothes, donning a blonde wig and blue contact lenses.

Forbidden Memories

Dean Baker is the 32-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a journalist, the owner of a reputed publishing house and a recently turned author.When walking alongside the Arno River, Dean is abducted by three men. They take him to the North of the country and shut him up in a small room in a three-unit apartment. Thereafter, Dean receives one riddle after another. Solving them, evidently, will lead him to discover who the mastermind of his abduction is. Dean succeeds in finding the mastermind, but pays a price for a “dark deed” he’d committed in the past by being forcibly feminized.

Slippery Slope in a Reality Show: feminized by destiny

The 23-year-old protagonist is one of the contestants of Pyar Villa, a reality show in which 7 dashing guys are supposed to woo 7 lovely damsels. Though not interested in women, the protagonist, idly courts a leggy dusky beauty named Jacqueline Lobo. Prince Ash, the winner of a major model hunt, is introduced as a wild card entry on Pyar Villa. Slowly but surely, the protagonist begins to develop feelings for the ruggedly handsome Ash. Ash reciprocates his feelings and the two men begin a secret affair. Ash coaxes the protagonist to dress in women’s clothes bringing the latter’s suppressed desire for feminization to surface.

Embarrassing Punishment: a transgender romance story

Jacob King is boastful and claims that if made president of the Blue Bonnets Association, he’ll be able to extract maintenance dues from a habitual defaulter in 3 months. Jacob also says that if he fails in his self-imposed challenge, he will live the rest of his life as a woman. Jacob fails in the bet, which forces him to transition into a woman. Transitioning affects his life negatively: he loses job and his wife leaves him.

Playmate: a transgender romance story

10-year-old Daryl has been more like an adoptive “sister” to Rupert Meadows, the young scion of a rich business family. It is customary for 11-year-old Rupert to dress Daryl as a “bride” and playact being married to him. Disapproving of the two boys’ closeness and silly games, Rupert’s father sends Rupert away to a boarding school in Berkshire and, subsequently, to the US, far away from Daryl. When the two guys meet as adults, sparks fly.  Daryl undergoes sex change to please his lover.

Impersonators: Disguised to Enter Female Dormitory

Haruto and Daigo are two small town 18-year-old boys who shift to a university in Tokyo. They fall in love with their classmates Sara and Karen, but the girls don’t reciprocate the boys’ interest.

In order to get closer to the girls they love, the two guys dress as young women and seek admission in the women’s dormitory.

Missing in Nepal:Feminized in Captivity

Reuben Young is the 18-year-old protagonist of the story. Reuben hails from Colorado, but studies in a university in Tokyo. He is of average height (5’8), has copper-colored hair and beautiful brown eyes. Though Reuben is Caucasian, he has 1/8 of Japanese blood in him, which gives his face a a soft, feminine quality.

Feminine Desire: a monk who failed to be a nun

Fabian is an 18-year-old monk living in a secluded monastery at Montserrat. Ever since he was 10 years old, Fabian has experienced an overwhelming desire to dress and behave like a girl. One day the head of the monastery, requests Fabian to accompany him to Barcelona. Rev. Jovel sends Fabian to fetch him ginger from Santa Caterina Market. Fabian starts wandering the streets of Barcelona and finds himself in the notorious area of El Raval in the night. He spots a woman called Reneta (a prostitute) and asks her for directions to his hotel. Subsequently, Fabian witnesses her murder, and the murderer has seen Fabian. Fabian’s life is now in danger. He is forced to be disguised as a woman and call himself “Flavia” to protect himself.

Forbidden – Transgender Horror series


Forbidden Academy: Feminized by Hypnosis

Liam Bailey is the 19-year-old protagonist of the story. Liam is a British citizen with Nordic looks: pale translucent skin, fair hair and eyes, which are as transparent as ice. Liam has been taking ballet classes for years, but is still not a great dancer. This is owing to the fact that he is too lean and weak to perform the pas de deux (a ballet movement, which entails carrying female dancers over the head). After joining the Sokolov Academy of Ballet in Russia, Liam falls in love with its scion cum principal, Anya Petrovna. He eventually comes under Anya’s trance and is transformed into a beautiful young woman called Lisa.

Forbidden Asylum: Feminized in Insanity

A transgender horror story. Ray’s car breaks down in a deserted section of a highway. There is nobody in sight. His cell phone is dead. He walks a few minutes looking for help and finds a building which appears to be an old hospital.Ray walks in and feels something is very wrong. The place is called “Vicent Asylum”. The manager calls him Rachael and treats him as if he was a woman. So does the nurse. Ray is stuck in Vincent Asylum.

The Forbidden Circus: Forced Feminization Story

A transgender horror story. Alfred Batista is a beautiful 18-year-old boy. His life changes when a traveling Spanish circus called ‘Esplendor Circus’ comes to town. On the night of a show a talking parrot, the star attraction of their circus is missing. The manager of the circus tricks Alfred into dressing as a girl. Alfred parades as a part of the exotic animal menagerie to divert people’s attention away from the missing parrot. He bravely tries to escape after the show, but is assaulted by the manager who intends breaking Alfred’s spirit with violence. However, Alfred still continues working on his plan to escape.

Forbidden Gift

Trevor is a pretty boy born with extrasensory abilities. He has dark hair and teal blue eyes. Trevor is neglected by his parents and is ostracized by the community that believes him to be Satan. As a result, the misunderstood child becomes silent and withdrawn. Trevor’s alienation is taken advantage of by family physician and secret pedophile Dr. Jacob Fallon who manages to win Trevor’s parents’ trust and gain informal custody of the troubled child. Once he has gained systematic access to Trevor, Dr. Fallon brainwashes Trevor into believing that he is the reincarnate of the wicked biblical queen, Jezebel. Over the next few years, Trevor is forcibly feminized and is now called Tessa. Tessa suffers horrendous abuse at the hands of his guardian for ten long years.

Forbidden Hotel: Trapped and Feminized

A transgender horror story. Troy, an 18-year-old Miami boy travels to UK to live with his half sister Julia when his father dies in a car crash. Julia lives with Sykes who owns Hodgson Hotel in Dartmoor region of England. Three young men had been reported missing in that area and Troy felt that there was something wrong.Cab drivers refuse to go to the area. Troy succeeds getting to the Hodgson Hotel helped by a pastor of nearby church and meets Julia. Troy is poisoned and imprisoned in the hotel by Julia’s husband.

Forbidden Island

A Transgender Horror Story. On a bright Sunday morning a handsome young man is abducted by a bunch of villains and is taken to a dark brooding island to the north west of the UK, which is some people refer to as Medusa Locks. He is thrown into a gigantic cage in its premises. He is astounded to find 6 other abductees of different nationalities in the cage with him.

Forbidden Memories: Feminized as a Punishment

Dean Baker is the 32-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a journalist, the owner of a reputed publishing house and a recently turned author. When walking alongside the Arno River, Dean is abducted by three men. They take him to the North of the country and shut him up in a small room in a three-unit apartment. Thereafter, Dean receives one riddle after another. Solving them, evidently, will lead him to discover who the mastermind of his abduction is. Dean succeeds in finding the mastermind, but pays a price for a “dark deed” he’d committed in the past by being forcibly feminized.

Forbidden Mirror: The Fatal Gift of Beauty

A transgender horror story. Aaron is the only son of a British business tycoon. When Aaron is 12 years old his mother dies in an accident. His father marries a beautiful exotic-looking woman called Shakira. She is kind enough to Aaron and takes him wherever she goes. While exploring his father’s estate, Aaron and Shakira enter an old storehouse that they have been warned not to go into. Inside the eerie, unearthly storehouse, they find a beautiful mirror. When Shakira speaks to the mirror, it actually responds. It tells Shakira that she is the loveliest woman on earth. Aaron tiptoes into the storehouse at midnight and talks to the mirror. The mirror predicts that Aaron would be the most beautiful on earth in the future. When Aaron turns 18, Shakira realizes that the mirror’s prediction has come true. Aaron is indeed more beautiful than her, his gender notwithstanding. An insanely jealous Shakira asks her assistant, Imogene, to take Aaron away from her sight. She also orders Imogene to shave off her stepson’s exquisite auburn hair and bring it to her. Aaron is subsequently abducted from home. He wakes up, naked and tonsured, in a dark dingy basement, where he is chained like a dog. Thereafter, Aaron (now called “Adele”) is ordered to wear tattered female clothes and toil away as a maidservant in a house comprising of a vicious-looking sixtyish woman and her four evil daughters.

Trapped in Lunatic Femininity

A light horror transgender novella. Hugo was caught up on the idea of becoming a successful writer. Opportunity knocks but once. A mysterious man shows up on his doorstep with a job offer impossible to turn down: to become the personal assistant of the scandalous writer, Dyonne. He moves into the luxurious Venetian Villa in the hopes to learn from the best, and quickly gets mesmerized by the woman’s astonishing beauty. A new world opens up for him: luxury and high life, elegant decadence, never seen perversity. The web of wild promiscuity entangles him for good. But somewhere along the great experience the dream becomes a nightmare. When his novelty fades and a new toy boy comes into picture, Hugo struggles with jealousy. When the mask falls, Hugo has to face Dyonne’s evil turn. Robbed by his dreams, he is forced into femininity and becomes a captive, a pariah of the Villa, with only one purpose: to fulfill the demonic, bizarre wishes of Dyonne. The boy has to embrace the changes if he wants to get back the control over his own life. The hard fight leads him to unforeseen paths.

Slippery Slope – Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform series


A Slippery Slope in Shakespearean Theatre

Thirty six year old Ivy Douglas is a star actress in Shakespearean theatre. She is gorgeous, rich and famous. Ivy has a secret problem: she is unable to sleep. Memories of the brutal 11 year old murder of her lover Rebecca Scott come to haunt her every night. Rebecca had been strangled—with her own underwear. Autopsy reports suggested that she had had sex only minutes prior to her murder. The evidence in the case was circumstantial; it hadn’t been enough to convict the two prime suspects: Oscar Scott, Rebecca’s jealous husband and Lydia Baker, Ivy’s hysterically envious girlfriend. The case had eventually turned cold, but is still fresh in Ivy’s mind. Following the lead of an anonymous note, Ivy goes to Dartmoor and rents the house in which Rebecca was found murdered. Apart from the murder, Ivy relives memories of her torrid love affair with Rebecca and her eventual feminization from Ivan to Ivy. Eventually, the young transsexual woman meets and falls in love with the handsome melancholy Noah Campbell: a man she later suspects to be Rebecca’s murderer…

A Slippery Slope in an Airline

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

Carlton is the 25-year-old protagonist of the story. Carlton is 5’6, has china blue eyes, a small pert nose and wavy brown hair. He has a delicate fit body and dainty hands and feet. Carlton world turns upside down when he meets In-flight Service Manager, Rosaline Wells who insists that he joins Zephyr airlines dressed in a female flight attendants’ uniform. Though Carlton has doubts about Rosaline’s mental balance, he obliges as he wants to be close to Gina, his girl friend. Under Rosaline’s instructions, he calls himself Clarissa Hart and pretends to be a female flight attendant. Carlton all along experiences a powerful attraction for Rosaline Wells. A series of gaffes Carlton commits push him deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of feminization. Carlton eventually transforms into an attractive, shapely, long-haired woman and starts living with Rosaline as her young lesbian wife. In spite of being in a relationship with Rosaline, Clarissa yearns for Gina.

A Slippery Slope in a Mall

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

A soft, sensitive story of an mtf individual who finds great joy in mothering her little nieces. Finn O’Brien is a 19-year-old British boy who wants to retain the custody of his deceased sister’s children. When his boss offers a 20% raise under the condition of working dressed as a female shop assistant, Finn reluctantly agrees. He comes to work dressed as Florence, a sales assistant with oodles of persuasive charm. As Finn is sucked deeper and deeper into the quagmire of feminization, he meets with professional success and personal joy? One of his nieces recognizes Finn as her “Mommy”.

A Slippery Slope in a Bank

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

26-year-old effeminate-mannered, pretty faced man, Vicky Pereira wishes to marry his long term girlfriend, Edwina Joseph as soon as possible. However, his current job in a lesser-known bank doesn’t accord him enough financial security to take such a big step in his personal life. Vicky applies for the post of senior manager in a renowned bank known as Trust Bank. A goof-up at the interview leads to an underestimation on the part of the recruiters: Vicky is now employed as a clerk in Trust Bank. To comply with the rules, he must wear a uniform just like the other clerks: a jacket with an in-built bra and a form-fitting skirt. Customers are uneasy interacting with a man dressed in drag, hence Vicky is ordered to undergo laser treatment for removal of facial hair and a tracheal shave to get rid of his Adam’s apple. Vicky is under the impression that his feminization is a superficial one, done only for professional reasons. However, his girlfriend Edwina has other plans and Vicky permanently becomes a girl.

A Slippery Slope in a Cabaret

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

35-year-old American lyricist Jay Armstrong, who is vacationing in Thailand, visits a cabaret called Slice of Life. He falls in love with a beautiful Thai singer cum cabaret performer called Dream. However, Jay eventually realizes that Dream is not like other young women in the cabaret. One by one, Dream’s secrets start tumbling out: she used to be Deng, a young male who aspired to be an English teacher. However, Deng was forced to transform into “Dream” and perform in the sleazy cabaret as a result of the strange contract the owner of the cabaret made him sign by deceit.

A Sloppery Slope in a Call Center

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Dress” series

The protagonist is a pretty-faced boy living in a rural town. He was forced into a situation to perform a feminine dance on a college stage. It creates a scandal in the social circles. Fearing further stigma, the parents ask him to leave the town. He travels to a big city and joins a call center of a San Francisco based telecom company called Ursa Major. He is given the job of a customer service representative. He finds himself deeply fascinated by his beautiful and powerful boss, Barbara Turner. Barbara takes a personal interest in him. The sexual tension between the two provides fodder for some office gossip. Barbara asks him to identify himself as Arianna to customers who call. His life takes an unusual turn when Barbara coaxes him to wear feminine clothes in the office.

A Slippery Slope in a Hospital

Craig/Carol Lovatt: is the 28-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a petite, slender, pretty-faced Anglo-Indian who works as a nurse in the renowned Acesco Hospital. He is a responsible nurse, but commits a rare mistake on Valentine’s Night. As a result of his negligence, a patient dies. The patient happens to be the wife of Norman Abbott, the dean of Acesco Hospital. In lieu of being sued for negligence, Craig opts to sign a contract drawn up by Mr. Abbott. The terms of the contract bind Craig to carry out a series of strange instructions given by Mr. Abbott without questioning. One of them entails going to hospital dressed in a female nurse’s uniform and identifying himself as “Nurse Carol Abbott”.

A Slippery Slope in a Hotspring – Rejuvenation into Opposite Sex

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

A retired businessman visits a hotspring in the high mountains of Japan and meets a young hotspring keeper. The two men get into interesting conversation. The hotspring keeper takes him deep into the woods in the back of the hot spring, where he finds an astounding secret spring where animals are bathing. The combination of the human bath and the secret animal bath gives a magical effect – rejuvenating into the opposite sex.

A Slippery Slope in a Nunnery: where none of the nuns may dress improperly

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

Alex Pinto is the protagonist of “None of the Nuns May Dress Improperly” (Magdalene Sorority). Alex is quite a good-looking boy, 5 feet 9 inches tall, with an athletic body, honey-brown eyes and copper-streaked hair. He has a long face, a noble nose and full-lips: features that earn him the ‘beautiful’ sobriquet. Mesmerized by the beauty of Irish nun, Stella Mary, Alex trespasses into nunnery grounds. He is caught and bullied by the young nuns, led by three lethal females called the Three Musketeers. Much to Alex’s embarrassment, the Three Musketeers decide to punish him by forcing him to wear a pale pink tunic and a wimple. Since they haven’t had much straight sexual activity in recent times, they also get Alex to pleasure them.

A Slippery Slope in a School

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Dress” series

Simon is the 18-year-old protagonist of the story. Simon is of average height, is slim and has a smooth face like a girls’. He is from an ordinary family and is at Somerset High on a scholarship. Simon is bright and has many talents. After accepting Richa’s offer, Simon eventually takes on the identity of “Simona Marino”, who is purportedly an Italian princess sent to Somerset High on a student exchange program. As the feminization process begins, Simon discovers that he is transforming into a beautiful, curvaceous woman. Simona’s charm has the whole school in its thrall, and in a curious irony, even her sworn enemy Sid falls for her.

A Slippery Slope in an Ad Agency

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Dress” series

Zack is the 34-year-old wild, unconventional and attractive protagonist of the story. He is tall, has expressive dark eyes and colors his hair blue. As the Creative Head and co-owner of leading ad agency Impressions, Zack has many admirers. His life has its share of schemers with his brother Ben and girlfriend Tania desiring his feminization to meet their own selfish ends. By making a laughing stock of Zack, Ben wants to amass all his popularity. By feminizing him, Tania wants to satisfy her deepest fantasies. On Tania’s suggestion, Zack dresses as “Zina” to be able to write the perfect ad copy to endorse women’s cosmetics, dresses and lingerie. Slowly and steadily, Tania and Ben trick Zack into completely becoming Zina? with silky long hair, breasts and a pussy. Though Zina is loyal to Tania, she finds that she is powerfully attracted to her client, Daniel Garfield.

A Slippery Slope in Military Academy: A Frail Cadet

“Forced to Work in Girls’ Uniform” series

In an attempt to cure himself of GID, 19-year-old honey-complexion boy, Deepak Bhatia joins Everest Military Academy: a private training institute that trains young people to become brave and competent soldiers. However, the delicate Deepak finds he is unable to cope with the strenuous army life and finds himself failing all PET tests. (Retd.) Brigadier Mehta, the principal of the academy, gives Deepak an ultimatum: either quit the academy or continue as a female cadet. Deepak embraces his deepest, darkest desires by opting to transform into a female cadet. He is ordained into femininity by being forced to wear the female cadets’ uniform which comprises of a puff-sleeved OG shirt and a leaf-green pleated skirt. Eventually, Deepak’s feminization includes HRT and SRS conducted/supervised by doll-faced 29-year-old army doctor, Dr. (Capt) Sophie Mistry. As Deepak eventually transforms into gorgeous, diva-like Diana, Dr. (Capt) Sophie makes it clear that her interest in Diana is more than professional. Diana, however, has lost her heart to Capt. Eric Saldana, her young and dashing Military History teacher. Diana is shocked when she learns that Capt. Saldana is interested in Dr. (Capt) Sophie. Meanwhile, Cadet Alvin D’Cruz, a classmate of Diana’s displays a zealous, possessive passion for her. Where will these convoluted romantic entanglements lead to? Is Diana destined to be with the man of her dreams?

A Slippery Slope in Amish Life

A heartwarming love story of a PhD student and a young Amish man who was too pretty to stay there as a man. Laila Sethi, a 27-year-old research scholar doing her PhD on the Amish Community, falls in love with Amos Fisher: a pretty, effeminate young man belonging to an Amish community in Lancaster County. On the afternoon of Pentecost, when the other Amish members are at the feast, Laila persuades Amos to dress in a ghagra-choli (Indian skirt and blouse), jewelry and make up. Much to the young couple’s shock, the other Amish members return unexpectedly and catch Amos dressed in drag. Amos is accused of coming under the spell of the “evil” Laila and getting spoilt. He is subsequently excommunicated for non-conformity.

Hijra, the Third Gender series


Abducted into the Third Gender

The son of a famous movie star is abducted by a mafia group for ransom. The father makes a series of mistakes in the “negotiation” of the mafia group, and as the result, the son is forcibly feminized.

A Dancer of the Third Gender

The protagonist is a boy who has an elder sister learning Kathak (one of the traditional dance forms in India) and he wishes to become as good a dancer as his sister. His mother supports his not-so-manly wishes, but finally, his father comes to know about it. His father disowns his son on the spot, and the son must leave his family and live on his own. The boy is (a kind of) saved by the “hijra” community and he (she) tries to become a Kathak dancer.

A Feminized President: Femized due to a Lost Bet

This is the only comedy in the “Hijra, the Third Gender” series. An Indian entrepreneur makes a wrong bet during a drinking occasion with his friend. He must dress as a woman (hijra) 24×7 for a year. His bet was that his company will grow business even if the president is a hijra. If he should lose the bet, he must get a sex change surgery.

Born Intersexed: A Truth About Roopini

The protagonist is born “intersexed”. His genitals look more like male than female, so is raised by his prostitute mother as a boy. However, he felt comfortable in a saree and walks his way through becoming a proud woman.

Conspired into the 3rd Gender

The protagonist is a son of IAS officer (selected elite Indian administrative officer) and a 12-year-old cricket player. He is unexpectedly kidnapped and is forcibly castrated and feminized. He (now she) keeps receiving unfair/unexpected treatments and assaults. She doesn’t know who is the mastermind. At the end of the story, she realizes that she deserved such punishment.

Feminized for Dancing: Dance Like a Woman

Mahesh is the protagonist of the story. He is tall, slim and has fine features. Mahesh comes from a family of Kathakali performers, living in Kerala. One night when he is 14, Mahesh realizes that he is a girl trapped in a male body. Sunaina, a half-European girl from Bangalore and Mahesh become good friends. Sunaina leaves her contact number with Mahesh before returning to her hometown. When things become difficult at home for Mahesh because of his desire to express his femininity, Sunaina suggests that he come over to Bangalore. Once in Bangalore, Sunaina introduces Mahesh to beautiful hijra guru, Cabaret Kalki. Mahesh falls in love with Kalki and becomes her loyal chela. Kalki helps Mahesh transform into “Minching Meena”, a female cabaret dancer.

Enchanted into the Third Gender

A Japanese businessman travels to India and is deeply moved by the Roma-style music and dance that he saw in the state of Rajasthan. He actually falls in love with a tall beautiful dancer called Sangita. He is totally enchanted by Sangita, who takes him to a whole different world of “hijra”. The Japanese businessman is voluntarily (almost forcibly) changed into a “hijra” and experiences life as a hijra, then later as a prostitute. This story is his autobiography (which sounds real, but is a fiction) involving Japan, India, Thailand, the United States, and again, Japan.

Genderless Exile: Hijra, the Third Gender

The beautiful loving mother of a boy (the protagonist) dies, and his father (a navy captain) marries a Punjabi woman with two kids. The boy loves the new elder sister, but the new brother who happens to be of the same age as him is a nuisance. The stepmother makes every attempt to humiliate him and try to let his father to “disown” him, so that her own son can be the heir. He is framed by the stepmother to be feminized and become a “hijra”.

Transgendered People of India: Forsaken Tributaries

This is a non-fiction book about Hijla.

Be an armchair traveler to the world of Hijras, the Third Gender. This is a comprehensive guide book about Hijra of India if you want to find what Hijra is. The author has published seven books in the series of “Hijra, the Third Gender” which are autobiography style fictions. This is a book based on the author’s hearing and witnessing as a foreigner in India as well as substantial studies on various existing publications and social trends.

Transgender Sleuth series


The Murder of a Yoga Guru

Transgender sleuth Hannah Brown signs up for a detoxification and rejuvenation program at Ananda Kuteeram, a yoga center headed by young charismatic spiritual leader, Swami Sadananda. During the course of her stay at the ashram, Hannah befriends Natalia Adamovich-Chaplanski, a transsexual woman from Ukraine. Distraught for some reason unknown to Hannah, Natalia abruptly leaves for Kiev. On the next morning, the devotees of Swami Sadananda find him on the marble floor of his chamber, brutally burgeoned to death. Since the occupants of rooms adjoining the guru’s chamber remained undisturbed through the night, Hannah concludes that the guru was drugged before being attacked with an axe. The convoluted murder investigation carried out by Hannah points fingers at people as different as chalk from cheese: from a suave Bangalore-based politician to an erudite temple trustee based in Madurai. Mikhail Adamovich and Oleg Chaplanski, the brother and husband of Natalia respectively, also come under the radar of Hannah’s suspicions. From the beginning of the case, Hannah has suspected that the distinctive gender identity shared by her and Natalia is connected to the god man’s gruesome murder. Will Hannah Brown succeed in decoding the cryptic psychology of warped human minds and get to the bottom of the mystery of Swami Sadananda’s murder?

Murdered Queen Bee of a High School

While on an all-night trek in Riverdale area of “Mini England”, 17 year-old-schoolgirl, Camellia Davis is pushed to death from a hill. Transgender sleuth, Hannah Brown, is requested to assist the police in the case. Hannah drives down to the scene of the crime and carefully studies all those who had been on the trek with Camellia. The suspects include a middle-aged professor of English literature, a kindergarten teacher in her early 20s and an introverted school-fellow, who was routinely taunted by Camellia. It also includes another classmate who might have begrudged Camellia for having played dirty with her. As Hannah is sucked deeper into the case and Camellia’s murderer takes another life, Hannah unearths a few more suspects including Camellia’s fiery-tempered stepfather and a male cousin who secretly nurtures a desire to be female. During the course of investigation, how many shocking secrets will Hannah ferret out? How many suspects discover Hannah’s true gender-identity and use the fact to taunt and assault her and threaten her very life?

The Murdered Heiress

On the night of her birthday party at Queen’s Court Hotel, 33-year-old heiress Arlene Rainford is brutally stabbed to death. Hannah Brown, the nondescript 25-year-old receptionist of the hotel, is the first one to reach Arlene after she has been stabbed. The dying woman beckons Hannah close to her and whispers two cryptic words in her ear. They are “Glass Beads”.As the police interrogates the murder, Hannah too gets sucked into the investigation. She is convinced that Arlene’s last words hold a clue to the identity of her murderer. Hannah starts working on the case by interviewing all the guests at Arlene’s party; each of whom, by default, is a murder suspect. As Hannah proceeds deeper into the investigation, she discovers that each of the guests had a motive to murder Arlene. Among others, the suspects include Arlene’s less competent younger brother Bradley, husband Lord Lofthouse, a titled personage on the verge of bankruptcy, Angus Ryne, a portrait artist betrayed by Arlene and Florence Keeling, a social worker who has, in the past, been deliberately mislead by Arlene. Will Hannah succeed in catching the murderer? Will Hannah’s own personal secret interfere with the solving of her case?Other Books

Obsessed by Resemblance: Destined to be Feminized

Razia Sultan was the Sultan of Delhi in India from 1236 to May 1240 and was the first female sultan. Razia abandoned the veil and adopted masculine attire. She possessed all necessary qualities of a ruler and was an efficient sultan. Razia’s romance with Malik Ikhtiar-ud-din Altunia is well known. “Obsessed by Noble Resemblance” is a about a young soldier who is astounded by his resemblance between himself and Queen Razia Sultan, the ruler of the regiment. His desire to imitate the queen becomes a prime obsession, leading Farhan to neglect his duties as a rough and tough soldier.

Unicorn and Hourglass: Subconscious Desire for Feminization

Leon Thomas, a 20-year-old physics undergraduate, is harangued by a recurring dream of a small pink round circle with an equilateral cross beneath it. After the repetitive dream develops an extension, Leon goes and meets Naomi, a beautiful young psychic. Leon feels an instant attraction towards Naomi. She also feels drawn to him. After employing a series of psychic techniques, mainly the tarot card reading, Naomi divulges that Leon’s recurring dream symbolizes his subconscious desire to be female.

Die as a Bride: A Gender Change Romance

Sachet dies on his 21st birthday in a traffic accident. God allows him to return to life in a then-available body. When Sachet wakes up he has a strange feeling. Sachet is a “normal” boy. His best friend doesn’t see Sacheta in the same way as he did. This is a sentimental romance story of a boy who ends up as a beautiful bride.

Muse and Vampiress

Muse and Vampiress is a most tender suspense-romance story between a female pathological doctor from Transylvania and a pretty-looking boy who entered a northern Bulgarian medical school. The student has a gender identity disorder which he didn’t recognize by himself. A quiet yet sweetest love develops between the two.

Feminized in the Pyrenees

A transgender romance story.

Fergus Meyers is a handsome 42-year-old Irishman. An accident at 19 paralyzes his lower limbs, leaving him wheelchair bound. Fergus comes across beautiful Frenchwoman Delphina Dan Naud on a social networking site and falls in love with her.? They speak over the phone, but Delphina gives the impression that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Fergus. Bitterly disappointed, Fergus decides to forget about Delphina. At nearly the same time, he is diagnosed with leukemia in its terminal stages. Fergus is given just a few months to live. Fergus’s loyal manservant, Jock, tells him about a secret grotto fountain in south western France, the waters of which are rumored to have miraculous healing properties. The paralyzed have been able to walk and the terminally ill have been cured. Fergus and Jock traverse many miles and after an intensive, insane search, find the secret grotto with its waters shimmering like black gold in the night.

Everland: Beyond Gender & Species

Transgender Mystery series


Juan is a happy-go-lucky young man, but his beloved wife Moira seems to be unhappy with her gender. She suggests that both of them go to Everland, a country bordering south west England, where people change into members of the opposite sex. Once there, Juan transforms into the beauteous Jasmine and Moira into a handsome man, Glenn. Jasmine discovers that the rules of Everland are a bit unconventional: women and castrated men are expected to be registered and to wear a collar bearing details of the registration around their necks. The above-mentioned people are also to have a leash attached to the D-rings of their collars and are chained by their masters. When Glenn is brutally bashed up, Jasmine is roaming the streets all by herself. The cops find her and take her to an animal detention center where she is thrown naked into a large cage along with large male dogs. Jasmine and the dogs are to be gassed to death the following day. A magnificent black Great Dane comforts Jasmine and the most beautiful soul-to-soul love blossoms between the two. The next day, both of them escape being executed. Jasmine goes home to her husband and the Great Dane disappears into a forests. Are the two destined to meet again?

Reincarnation: Relived Love & Justice

Love beyond Age & Gender

The protagonist is a retired judge. He has been in agony for 30 years since he made a single mistake by sentencing death to an innocent man. He is interested in a legend of mystic temple which has a spring of rejuvenation. He travels to eastern India and finally finds the mystic temple. He is soaked in the mystic water and when he wakes up, he finds himself in a young feminine body. He (now “she”) also finds that the time is centuries back. She is a beautiful dancer ? a temple prostitute.

Lilies for Ms.Tracy

This is a serious suspense story about Tracy, a New York based journalist. Tracy was born a boy of a single mother Hannah, who brought up Tracy through poverty. Hannah got pregnant by a young man who left her saying that he will be back soon, but never returned. Tracy realizes that she (at that time “he”) was born with wrong genitalia at the age of seven. Once furious, Hannah comes to understand her feelings and helps her to become a woman. By accident Tracy know who the father is and decides to make a revenge.

A Transgirl in the Hood:Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough is a serious MTF Transgender mistery-suspense story. Renato (or Renata, after changing the gender) appears in the scene as a 15-year-old boy living in the “Hood” located in the outskirts of Sopianae, Hungary. It is a very impoverished area without proper and people living in the Hood don’t have education or employment. A majority of inhabitants depend on social welfare, and/or illegal activity. Driven by the fear of becoming “the Freak of the Hood”, Renato wants to improve the situation and to fulfill his dreams. When leaves the Hood behind, he became a PE teacher and then proceeds his way to becoming a woman. Later he appears as a 25-year-old young girl, and finally as a 30-year-old fully grown up woman.

Aspiring Actress: Feminized Over The Frail Dream

16-year-old Scottish lad Kyle Morrison’s world comes crashing down when his boyfriend leaks their sex MMS, making it go viral on mobile phones. Before long, it makes headlines and Kyle is rusticated from school. Taking advantage of the bog of depression his wife has sunk into, Kyle’s pedophile of a stepdad bandies him into the streets. Kyle is provided shelter by Natasha who instinctively senses Kyle’s desire to be a girl. Natasha spends a whopping amount on Kyle’s sex reassignment and estrogen therapy following which she employs Kyle (now Sheena) in her “massage parlor”. Whist working there, Sheena captures the fancy of LA based adult-movie maker, Jayden King, who converts the young prostitute into ‘Sensuous Sheena’, the porn star. While shooting her porn flicks, Sheena continues her quest to be a top star in Hollywood. During her journey replete with dramatic rise and ebbs, Sheena meets Chase Perez, a top action movie star; Alexander Turner, the fatherly mentor and Brice Meyers, her PRO and best friend. Will Sheena’s dark past catch up with her, endangering her stupendous success in Hollywood? Does Sheena find all answers to life’s questions in LA or does she need to reconnect with her roots?

How I Became a Woman: An MTF Autobiography for Young Readers

Aryan always played with Vani, a girl of his age living next door and felt that he should have been born as a girl. He had this feeling of “trapped in a wrong body” since he was little. His discomfort had grown into agony by his puberty. Aryan’s mother understood his problems, but was not ready to help him to change into a girl. His father was a hard boiled man and throws out Aryan and his mother when he caught them attending a transgender support group. This story is for young readers who wish to know the feelings of transgendered children and young adults. This is not an erotica.

A Supermodel: Fairer than the Fairer Gender

Sara was a 15-year-old boy when she (at that time ‘he’) finally mustered the courage to tell her mother that she wanted to be a girl. Sara’s parents decided to take her to a doctor, who diagnosed her as GID. Sara was lucky to have understanding parents and could start hormone therapy young enough. Sara made her way to become a fashion model. However, the modeling industry is not an easy place for a male-to-female transgendered person.

The Superior Gender: The Triumphants & The Infradigs

The rule of the Regime is a skewed one, wherein women are persecuted and treated like cattle. The mirific waters of the Well of Reincarnation subvert The Regime by transmuting potent, tyrannical men into comely helpless maidens called ‘The Infradigs’. The prototypal women organize themselves into an all-woman clan called ‘The Triumphants’. The principal motto of the clan is vendetta: paying ‘The Infradigs’ back with the same coin. How far will ‘The Triumphants’ go with their theorem of hate? Are the canons of avengement more imperative than concerns of humanity?

A Secret Brew for Rejuvenation: Dreams Don’t Die

Mario Keshav Rodriguez, the grody old curmudgeon of Goa, is the product of a ‘sacrilegious’ union between an upper-class Indian lady and a common Portuguese soldier. The multi-talented Mario happens to be a prolific genius of a writer, yet has the stars obstinately crossed against him. In a period spanning many decades, Mario hasn’t been able to get a single line published. Upon drinking Feni (a Goan alcoholic drink) concocted from the sap of a magical toddy, Mario is reincarnated as the beautiful young Sophie. Will Sophie succeed in getting Mario’s rich, literary works published? Or will his dreams die a sad, lingering death?

Queen Lysandra: Spring of Reincarnation

55-year-old anthropology professor, Paul Grant, is jaded with the familiar. He loves the familiarity of England, but also craves the exotic. During a project that involves the excavation and study of Egyptian mummies, he stumbles upon the sarcophagus of the beauteous, exquisite Egyptian Queen Lysandra. After consuming a magic elixir that he stumbles on in a glass urn among the pyramids, Prof. Grant goes back several centuries and finds himself transformed in the 21-year-old Queen Lysandra. Does all that follows actually transpire or is the lonely professor growing senile?

FTM Cop Story – Good Cop Sam O’Yeah

Sam O’Yeah is a smart, astute, dedicated young constable with the Delhi Police force. He is blessed with a great support system in the form of his very beautiful wife, Bela. His life-style seems ordinary. But there’s a teensy catch. Sam isn’t a biological ‘him’. He’s a man trapped in a woman’s body. Sam’s life is turned upside down when he is called upon to investigate the murder of 14-year-old Neeta Singh. Does the key to solving the chilling case lie in Sam’s own traumatic past?

Ghosts Alive: Time Travel Transgender Romance

We are in 2030. Time travel has been made possible and become a luxurious way of tourism. The tickets cost a fortune, but temptation is so strong, that some people are willing to sacrifice all their money and belongings to buy a ticket, even if it’s one way. The trick of future travel: it’s not your body that travels to the future, but only your psyche and you wake up in a “clean body”, in a host on the other side. Time travel industry made the experience even more exotic: the host is always a body of the opposite gender.

Feminized in Himalayas: Eve of the Arcane Waters

“Gender-Changing Spring” series

His imagination stimulated by the ‘Legend of the Stag’, diehard psychoanalysis aficionado, Prof. Miller, goes to North-East India in search of The Spring of Reincarnation. He returns to Boston as gorgeous 19-year-old Eve and finds that his relationship with wife, Madison, takes on a tantalizing dimension. Eve also gets into a blissful lesbian fling with another woman. A while later, her dream run ends. Eve hypnotizes herself to find that she has two targets in life: revenge against her archrival, Dylan Smith, and impregnation by his seed. Will she succeed in her designs?

Gender Swap Fantasies


The Birth of Delilah

Tyro is a 35-year-old loner who has impressive height, well-built body, strong jaw and a distinctive Greek nose. He categorizes himself as arn energetic alpha-male but deals with many suppressed anger. Due to a painful divorce, he has very low opinion of women. That’s why his small business has a specific profile: he sells and installs surveillance systems for catching cheating wives. Although he’s financially stable, he still lives in an existential crisis. He denies every weakness and judges everyone from this point of view. He cannot cope with his own feelings and he blames women for everything. Tyro is trapped in female body and goes through hell – injured, homeless, treated as a slave. This ultimate life experiences force him to face what he is now: a woman who needs help.

The Animal in Me: Resurgence of Trans-humans

In a future society technology and biological engineering reshaped human life. The earth is not divided anymore to nations or races but to subcultural groups. Many people are trans-humans, and are treated as second-class citizens, since they are technologically or genetically modified. The Purity Party has a majority in the current government, led by President Yceberg, who believes in the sacredness of the body. The question is: how far he’d go to prove his point? Theo Ruby is 32 years old, single man, a loyal soldier. He worked as the Head of Security at the Purity Party. Right after elections, he’d got infected with a mysterious virus which was deteriorating his body fast: within days he became paralyzed, unable to speak and on the very edge of death. It was an experience what would change anyone. After he was captured by the trans-humans and copied into Babel, he lives on in her body as a clear consciousness. After some time to adjust, his personality becomes more unpredictable and revengeful.

Underwater Escape to the Other Sex

Gemma in this story is a female escape artist known for her Chinese Water Toture Cell performances. She was unhappy in her married life. She was caught by her husband while she was having sex with a friend. That’s why Gemma became distracted and couldn’t focus on her performance in the Chinese Water Torture Cell on the next day. She starts to suffocate under water.When she was rescued she found herself in a different body.

The Kantuta Bond: How Lovers Swapped Gender on an Island

This is an exotic and beautiful story that happens in an exotic place called Amantani, which is an island in the Lake Titicaca. About 150 years ago a virus called PSY-12 destroyed the majority of Earth’s populations. The virus drove people mad and suicidal. The rest had constant nightmares what they’ve called “the nightmares of the Earth”. The people who were immune recolonized the Earth. Some tried to rebuild a technologic lifestyle, others decided to start new, more nature-friendly communities. They call themselves the Kantuta Tribe after the flower which grows there. Outsiders call them “Hippies with guns”. They prefer to live in isolation. During 150 years the local Quechua survivors and the new pioneers (mostly Americans and multiethnic Peruvians) formed a spiritual local community. Their lifestyle includes the usage of ayahuasca.

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