Feminized by an Evil Spirit (Never Sleep with Another Man’s Wife) is a transgender horror novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

15-year-old Yashas is an intelligent boy from a well-to-do family. He has an affectionate dad, a doting mom and a caring elder brother called Renjit. Yashas’s dad, Sreehari has lands spreading over several acres in his native town of Mannarkad. He sells them in order to be able to afford a Rs. 20 crore house in the posh locality of Indiranagar in Bangalore.

After the family shifts to their new home, Yashas starts feeling tired and ill. He can’t recall anything that he has studied and fails his quarterly exams. One evening, while returning from school, Yashas feels that he is being chased by an invisible entity. The entity soon takes possession of Yashas’s body.

Yashas goes home and dresses in his mother’s saree and jewelry. He sits on the floor and starts talking like a rustic female farmhand. Over a period of time, Yashas’s body begins to feminize. In about three months, the paranormal female entity has turned Yashas into a voluptuous young woman.

Will the female spirit ever leave the innocent young lad’s body? Will Yashas (now called Jenny) ever find peace again?


Yashas/Jenny: is the 15-year-old protagonist of the story. Yashas is 5’5 and slender, with dark hair and fair skin. He is a bit girlish but still commands respect in school because of his brilliant academic record. Yashas is adored by his dad, mom and elder brother. After the family shifts into their new home, Yashas feels ill and tired. He is soon possessed by a female spirit, which feminizes Yashas’s body and tortures him in myriad ways.

Renjit: is Yashas’s 22-year-old brother. Renjit is a 6” foot tall, muscular, athletic young man. He is very fond of Yashas and cares for him deeply. Renjit is a mechanical engineer, who works in an MNC in Bangalore. He is keen on pursuing further studies in Detroit but postpones his plan to move to the US as he wishes to stay close to Yashas. Yashas’s possession and feminization cause great agony to Renjit. He feels helpless about not being able to protect his younger brother from such great trauma.

Sreehari: is Yashas’s 50-year-old father. Sreehari is a 6” feet tall, athletic alpha male. He is an affectionate but dominating husband and father. Sreehari is the head of a Bangalore-based CA firm. He owns several acres of ancestral lands in Kerala, which he sells in order to buy a Rs. 20 crore house in the posh area of Indiranagar in Bangalore.

Meera: is Yashas’s 45-year-old mother. Meera is a beautiful slender woman, with milky white skin and long black hair. She is a docile wife and a full-time homemaker. Meera loves her children and would do anything to protect them. When Yashas is possessed, Meera is agonized. However, she is unable to find a solution to help her son.

Anil Arora: is the principal of the school in which Yashas studies. Mr. Arora is an elderly dignified man, who is always dressed in suits. He is concerned about Yashas’s falling grades and gently enquires if he is doing drugs. Later on in the novel, when Yashas’s body begins to feminize, Mr. Arora summons Yashas’s parents to his office and ask them what’s going on. When Yashas’s parents tell Mr. Arora that their son is getting feminized without the aid of female hormones, Mr. Arora is shocked.

Dr. Nagarajan: is the family physician of the Sreehari household. When Yashas starts developing headaches, Meera takes him to Dr. Nagarajan. Nagarajan checks Yashas and tell him that all his vital parameters are normal. He is healthy but needs to take more exercise in order to feel better. Also, Dr. Nagarajan feels that Yashas has exhausted himself with too much studying. Dr. Nagarajan feels that Yashas will benefit from some diversion such as engaging in sports, hanging out with friends et al.

Dr. Deepak Mishra: is a renowned psychiatrist of about 65. He is a bespectacled man with a mop of wild curly hair. His mannerisms are dramatic and English, heavily accented. Dr. Mishra wants to know if Yashas has been abused as a child, due to which he could now have developed Dissociative Personality Disorder. He also wishes to know if Yashas suffered from GID as a child. Dr. Mishra asks Yashas if he feels attracted to guys. Dr. Mishra’s questions make Yashas uncomfortable. Yashas’s mom senses her son’s discomfort and takes him to another psychiatrist.

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar: is the second psychiatrist Yashas is taken too. Dr. Kumar is a lean, intelligent-looking young man of about 40. He is truly concerned about his patients and wishes to help them. However, Dr. Kumar is unable to understand Yashas’s case. He can’t fathom how his patient is getting feminized without the help of female hormones. Except for administering sedatives and tranquilizers, Dr. Kumar is unable to do much to help Yashas.

Ram Gupta: is a powerful witchdoctor recommended by the female servant of the Sreehari household. He is 6’5 and powerfully built, with long hair and piercing grey eyes. Gupta has, in the past, cured a delusional man. He isn’t aware that Yashas isn’t a genetic girl. Gupta asks Meera if her daughter is a virgin. He is happy to hear that Yashas is indeed one. During a privately held ritual, Gupta tries to rape Yashas. However, the latter is saved by Renjit and a manservant.

Kishan Sharma: is a noble witchdoctor recommended by the cook cum manservant of the Sreehari household. Mr. Sharma is a lean, radiant man of about 50. He typically dresses in dhotis and shawls. Mr. Sharma performs a group ritual and manages to speak to the female spirit inhabiting Yashas’s body. He finds out who has sent the female spirit to torment the young lad. Sharma succeeds in ousting the spirit out of Yashas’s body. However, Sharma is unable to reverse Yashas’s feminization.

Raja: is the loyal manservant and cook in the Sreehari household. He has been with the family for 25 years and is devoted to it. He recommends Tantric Kishan Sharma to the family. Sharma succeeds in curing the possessed Yashas.

Saroja: is the loyal maidservant in the Sreehari household. She has been with the family for 22 years and is devoted to it. Saroja has seen Renjit and Yashas ever since they were babies. Saroja recommends Tantric Ram Gupta to the family. When Saroja realizes that Gupta turned out to be a vile potential rapist, she is shocked. She apologizes to Meera that the witchdoctor she recommended turned out to be a prospective criminal. Meera knows that Saroja has the family’s wellbeing in mind and forgives her.

Mr. Chopra: is the trustee of St. Williams’ Boys, the school Yashas studies in. The news of Yashas’s feminization has reached Mr. Chopra. Mr. Chopra questions the principal, Mr. Arora as to how the school has admitted a feminized boy in an all boys’ school.

Rahul Sihna: is Jenny’s 16-year-old boyfriend. He is a handsome, witty, charming boy who studies in St. Williams’ Boys School.

Mohan: is a 50-year-old farmhand, who has worked in Sreehari’s ancestral lands for over 30 years. Mohan loves the lands like his own mother and has spent the major portion of his life toiling on it. Mohan is depressed when Sreehari tells him that he is selling the lands to a rubber-manufacturing unit.

Anushree: is the 35-year-old second wife of Mohan. She is a pleasant-looking woman, who has borne Mohan three children.

Vallika: is Mohan’s first wife. She married Mohan when both of them were only 17 or 18 years old (this often happens in Indian villages). At 20, Vallika has an affair with Sreehari and becomes pregnant with his child. Unable to bear the shame and potential social ostracism, Vallika commits suicide by jumping into the village well.


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