Prisoned in Femininity is a forced feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Angela is a 35-year-old female patient, who has been living in Aspen Hospital for a decade. She apparently suffers from amnesia and has no memory of her life before coming to Aspen Hospital. The amnesia was apparently the result of a head injury that Angela had suffered from when in a car accident 17 years ago. The car accident had evidently killed her parents.

Angela has everything going for her: a beautiful face, body and caring hospital staff. She also has a loving extended family comprising of a paternal uncle and two male cousins. However, Angela distrusts them all—the staff, the family and her own body. A sole memory and an incongruous tattoo prove that she was born a man, not a woman.


Angela Warwick: is the 35-year-old protagonist of the story. She is 5’6 and a classical beauty, with blue eyes, cushiony lips and long straw-colored hair. She suffers from amnesia and lives in Aspen Hospital. She has only one memory—that of being a boy. Angel distrusts her kin and the staff of Aspen Hospital. She finds love in a medical student, Ray. Angela is fond of books and art.

Ray Wise: is Angela’s 26-year-old boyfriend. He is tall, cheerful-faced and has a head of thick red hair. Ray is pursuing a medical degree at Aspen Hospital. He has also done courses in hypnotherapy. Ray falls for Angela’s haunted beauty and wishes to help her. He believes in her sole memory and tries to help her remember more using hypnotherapy. During the course of the story, Ray saves Angela’s life.

Dr. Jayden Wise: is Ray’s 56-year-old dad. Dr. Wise has his own private practice but is made dean of Aspen Hospital after Theodore Hickman is sacked. Dr. Wise has new clearer ideas for hospital management. He takes a personal interest in Angela’s case and finds out that she is deliberately being kept in an amnesiac state.

Logan Warwick: is Angela’s father’s younger brother. He is a tall, stylishly dressed man in his late fifties. He is amiable but has dark shifty eyes that Angela doesn’t trust. Logan is the CEO of Warwick Publishers, the publishing company started by his deceased brother. Logan’s hobbies include fishing and shooting small game.

Jacob Warwick: is Angela’s 34-year-old cousin. He is a tall, well-built fellow with dark eyes. Jacob works with Warwick Publishers and also likes to travel. He loves his cousin, Angela and visits her frequently. Jacob is recently married to Sarah.

Noah Warwick: is Angela’s 32-year-old cousin. He is a short, stout fellow with dark eyes. Noah too works with Warwick publishers. He too takes good care of Angela and visits her frequently.

Lacey Warwick: is the wife of Logan. She is a weak woman who has no will to stand up against crime and wrong-doing.

Nurse Daisy Hill: is the plump, overly cheerful nurse who looks after Angela for ten years. Nurse Hill tells Angela that she sustained head trauma during a car accident that killed her parents. Nurse Hill has been bribed to inject epilepsy-inducing drugs in Angela and keep her in a perpetual state of memory loss.

Nurse Luke Stevenson: is a tall, hefty middle-aged nurse who has been taking care of Angela for ten years. He ostensibly helps Angela during her epilepsy attacks. Later on, it is discovered that Luke Stevenson has been administering epilepsy-inducing drugs in Angela to keep her in a perpetual state of amnesia.

Theodore Hickman: is a non-descript unpleasant man. He is a psychiatrist and also the dean of Aspen Hospital. He connives with Logan and keeps Angela in a state of amnesia for 10 years. He does whatever he can to prevent Angela from escaping Aspen Hospital. He keeps cell phones; laptops and even writing materials away from Angela so that she is disconnected from the outside world. Hickman hires 2 nurses to keep a vigil on Angela. Hickman is later jailed for the misappropriation of hospital funds.

Dahlia Robinson: is a new young nurse appointed by Dr. Wise to take care of Angela. Dahlia is brisk, professional and honest. She is alert and helps nab Angela’s attacker.

Dr. Smith: is a smug, arrogant neurologist who dismisses Angela’s case as “hopeless”.

Mahesh: is a thirtyish, scruffy Indian pimp who buys Angela from Logan and sells her to a brothel madam at an exorbitant rate.

Anita: is a big, dark large fortyish Indian brothel madam who buys Angela from Mahesh. Anita canes Angela for trying to escape and even gets her raped by two of her thugs. Anita is so barbaric that Angela doesn’t dare to run away from the brothel again. Anita employs a tattoo artist to add an extra “a” to Angela’s calf tattoo.

William Warwick: is Angela’s deceased dad. He starts a publishing business called Warwick publishers. He is an affectionate husband and dad. William has dark brown hair.

Grace Warwick: is Angela’s deceased mom. She is a sporty cheerful woman who loves horse-riding. Grace has fair hair, a beautiful mouth and cornflower blue eyes that Angela has inherited.

Sarah Warwick: is the plain horsey girl married to Jacob. Sarah is the only daughter of a titled personage of Bath. She has a degree in English literature and works as the chief editor of Warwick Publishers. Sarah has no idea of the crimes committed by her husband and his family.

Aiden Wise: is Angela and Ray’s little son. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He becomes the heir to Angela’s vast ancestral property.

Adam Davies: is the Warwick family lawyer. He is a solid middle-aged man in a tweed suit and gold-rimmed spectacles. When William, Grace and Angel have been missing for more than 5 years, Mr. Davies transfers the family property to Logan’s name. He finds Angela, whom he knows as Logan’s adoptive daughter, vaguely familiar. This causes Logan to panic and transfers Angela to a faraway hospital.

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