“Imposed Womanhood” a forced feminization story authored by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa has been published.

 44-year-old orthopedic surgeon Nikhil Lobo has everything going for him—a great career and a loving wife. He and his wife Danielle are soon planning on starting a family. When Nikhil is in Bangalore for a felicitation, he is befriended by an amiable young man called Percy Pinto. Percy insists on giving Nikhil a lift, but abducts and incarcerates him instead. During captivity, Nikhil is castrated and asked to do humiliating things like put on makeup and dress in brassieres and miniskirts. He is also sexually assaulted by his captors. Meanwhile, Danielle is held hostage in her own home by a woman called Sophia. Sophia is the leader of the gang which has abducted Nikhil. The gang demands a ransom of Rs. 3 Crore for Nikhil’s and Danielle’s release. However, they don’t let the couple free go even after receiving the money. Soon, Nikhil’s harrowing journey towards transitioning into Natasha begins. Why is the gang forcibly feminizing him?


Dr. Nikhil/Natasha Lobo: is a 44-year-old successful orthopedic surgeon. He is athletic, swarthy and sports a goatee. Nikhil lives in a tasteful house and is married to a beautiful Frenchwoman. He wants to start a family. He is noble and dedicates himself to the service of humanity.

After his feminization, Nikhil chooses to dress as a woman and call himself Natasha.

Danielle Bisset: is Nikhil’s 27-year-old wife. She is a Frenchwoman with red hair, a voluptuous figure and green eyes. She works from the comfort of her home as a proofreader of English novels. Danielle is devoted to Nikhil and thinks of him as God. She is super keen on giving him a child soon.

Sophia Saldana D’Souza: is the 40-year-old antagonist. She is tall and gym-toned, with straight black hair and brown eyes. She orders her gang to abduct Nikhil, while she holds Danielle hostage in Danielle’s own home. Sophia is not cruel to Danielle but orders her men to torture Nikhil. She demands a ransom of Rs. 3 Crore for Danielle’s safe release.

Percy Pinto: is a 31-year-old gang member of Sophia’s. He is a personable young man of medium height. Percy befriends Nikhil and then ends up abducting him. He keeps Nikhil in captivity for about 3 weeks.

Eric Saldana: is a 32-year-old member of Sophia’s gang. He is well-built and swarthy. Eric helps Percy in castrating and feminizing Nikhil. He, along with Percy, sexually assaults Nikhil. He insists that the esteemed doctor dress in sarees and do housework.

Sheila Pawar: is Nikhil’s 44-year-old colleague. Sheila is a gynecologist, who was in a relationship with Nikhil in the past. She is a short, portly woman with a round face and bulging eyes. Sheila still has feelings for Nikhil and resents Danielle. Sheila makes her jealousy for Danielle obvious. She gets back with Nikhil (Natasha) after Danielle leaves him.

Wilfred D’Souza: is Sophia’s deceased husband. He worked as a door-to-door salesman and married Sophia when she was very young. The couple is blessed with a daughter.

Tania D’Souza: is Sophia’s deceased daughter. Tania was a bright child, who suffered from congenital Spina Bifida. She also developed PCOS after hitting puberty. Tania dies at age 14 due to severe blood loss during surgery for hip dysplasia. 

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