Debashish “Deb” Ghosh is a beautiful young man who runs a cabaret business. He meets a young female scientist cum feminist and marries her. However, after marriage, he becomes chauvinistic and controlling. Deb begins to resent his wife’s devotion to her career. One night, the couple has a terrible quarrel. In the heat of the moment, Deb slaps Reema.

Reema leaves home and moves in with a female friend. Deb tries to contact her, but Reema avoids him. Meanwhile, Deb is abducted by Reema’s coworker and put in a life-threatening situation.


Debashish (Deb)/Deblina Ghosh: is the protagonist of the story. He is 27 years old. He is pretty with green eyes, an aquiline nose and lush lips. Deb is a secret male chauvinist who believes that men are superior to women. Though he is overtly attracted to Reema’s intellect and modern outlook, he is unable to cope with her independence. Deb thinks Reema should devote more time to her domestic life than her career. The couple quarrel over the issue. In the heat of the moment, Deb slaps his wife. Later in the story, he is feminized and tortured. He eventually learns the true meaning of feminism.

Reema Shome: is a 30-year-old scientist cum feminist. She is a pretty woman with a delicate build and dark eyes. She falls in love with Deb and marries him against her parents’ wishes. After marriage, Reema realizes that Deb is a male chauvinist. He accepts dowry from her parents, except her, Reema, to devote more time to her domestic life than her career and also controls the purse-strings. The couple has a quarrel during which Deb slaps Reema. Shocked Reema leaves the house and moves in with a female friend.

Ira Basu: is a 30-year-old friend of Reema’s. She is a spirited, modern woman who drinks, smokes and has many boyfriends. Deb dislikes Ira and the feeling is mutual. After a quarrel with Deb, Reema moves in with Ira.

Saurav Dutta: is a colleague of Reema’s. He is in his mid-30s, well-built and rugged. He is the caretaker of dogs at Imperial City Laboratory and also runs a business. Dutta is secretly in love with Reema and is shocked when she announces her marriage to Deb. When Deb slaps Reema and Reema divulges the detail to her colleagues (including Dutta), Dutta is incensed. He subsequently abducts Deb and holds him captive for 7 months. Dutta rapes and tortures Deb during captivity.

“Ma” Dutta: is Saurav’s 65-year-old mother. She is afflicted with arthritis and walks using a cane. Ma is a depraved woman with a terrible mindset. She doesn’t object to her younger son reading pornographic magazines in her presence. When Saurav brings Deblina home and introduces her as his wife, ma makes derogatory comments about her daughter-in-law’s body. She makes Deblina do a lot of work and inflicts tortures like beating and starvation on her.

Pamela Dutta/Sen: is Saurav’s 30-year-old married sister. She is tall, slim and uses a lot of makeup. Pamela is a harridan, who treats her husband like a servant. She also ill-treats Deblina by making rude comments and making her do strenuous work. Pamela also develops a sexual attraction towards Deblina and makes a pass at her.

Deepak Sen: is Pamela’s 35-year-old husband. He is a good man, with a long respectable face and soulful brown eyes. He suffers losses in his business, which forces him to borrow from Saurav. Deepak is also forced to move into the Dutta residence. He is subsequently treated like a servant by the Duttas. His own wife holds Deepak in contempt. Though Deepak feels bad about the ill-treatment being meted out to Deblina, he is unable to do anything about it.

Arnab Dutta: is Saurav’s 25-year-old brother. Arnab is a puny, shrill-voiced unemployed young man. He spends his time reading pornographic magazines. Arnab develops a drug habit. He starts stealing women’s jewelry in order to support his drug habit. One of his victims sees the number plate of his motorcycle. Policemen raid the Dutta residence. During the raid, the cops discover that Deblina is being held captive and tortured. They subsequently take Deblina in for interrogation.

Mr. Roy: a guest at the office party. Deblina accidentally spills whiskey over him leading Dutta to humiliate her.

Bruno: The charcoal grey German shepherd that bites Debashish.

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