“A Slippery Slope in Day Trading: A Reluctant Auditionee” is a feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

18-year-old Raj Dixit is sick of his life. He finds studies boring. His part-time job is monotonous. His alcoholic mother and avaricious father call him a freeloader. They nag Raj to contribute to the family income.

Raj can’t sleep in night. He is plagued by nightmares of the scarring experiences he had as a child actor.

One evening, Raj runs into Vimal Chopra, the producer who had first cast him in movies. Raj confides his financial troubles in Chopra. Chopra convinces Raj that he can become rich through day trading. Raj uses his meager savings and borrows a huge amount from Chopra for leveraged trading. The next day, Raj buys and sells stock under Chopra’s advice. At the end of the day, he has suffered a huge loss. He now owes Chopra a hefty sum.

Chopra wants his money back immediately. He offers Raj an alternative — to star in one of his movies and repay him from his salary. Little does Raj realize that Chopra intends casting him in
a female role.


Raj Dixit/Angel: is the beautiful 18-year-old protagonist. He is slender and lovely, with glossy black hair and emerald green eyes. Raj Dixit was a popular child actor called Baby Angel. He only starred in girls’ roles. He grows up into a youth who is confused about his sexual orientation. Raj’s parents call him a freeloader and expect him to contribute towards household expenses. Raj wishes to find a way of getting rich soon. An acquaintance introduces him to intraday trading. Raj suffers huge losses that he is unable to repay. He is forcibly feminized and is coerced to perform in a movie as the leading lady.

Mrs. Dixit: is the protagonists’ mother. She is an alcoholic. Mrs. Dixit is also promiscuous. She works as a cook in three households. Mrs. Dixit forced her son to work in films and spent a lot of his hard-earned money on booze. Now that Raj has stopped getting film offers, she considers him a burden on the family.

Mr. Dixit: is the protagonists’ father. He is a greedy man who forced his son to work has a child star. Mr. Dixit worked as a schoolteacher. He had an accident, which left him wheelchair-bound. Mr. Dixit used his son’s earnings to pay his medical bills. Now that Raj has stopped getting film offers, Mr. Dixit considers him a burden on the family.

Vimal Chopra: is the 53-year-old antagonist of the story. Chopra had spotted Raj as a kid and cast him in films. Years later, Chopra meets a grown-up Raj and is sexually attracted by the youth’s beauty. He fantasizes about feminizing Raj and making him his mistress. He thinks of a way to convert his fantasy into reality.

Chopra encourages Raj to try day trading. He even lends Raj an amount for leveraged trading. Chopra deliberates misguides Raj so that the latter suffers losses. He demands his money back immediately. Raj is unable to pay. Chopra offers an alternative—Raj is to work in one of his films as the leading lady. Chopra secretly starts feminizing Raj by instructing the cook to mix female hormones in Raj’s food.

Dev Arora: is Raj’s 24-year-old boyfriend. He is tall (6’2), well-built and ruggedly handsome. Raj’s eyes are brown and soulful. As a teenager, he used to be a spot boy on studio sets. Dev supports Raj when Raj is jeered and mocked during childhood. During adulthood, Dev reunites with Raj. The latter has undergone feminization and is now called Angel. A romance blossoms between Dev and Angel. Dev realizes that Chopra has intentionally misguided Raj/Angel apropos the stocks during day trading.

Mohan: is Raj’s 18-year-old classmate. He is street-smart and worldly-wise. Mohan takes Raj to an investment workshop where the latter learns about investing. Mohan is a promiscuous youth who regularly has sex with the prostitutes of Kamathipura.

Naveen Singh: is the man who conducts the investment workshop that Raj and Mohan attend. Naveen is a bearded bespectacled man of about 30, who advises youth to learn value investing.

Priya: the maid in Chopra’s house. She is a cheerful, bubbly girl in her 20s, who helps Raj with his makeup.

Amar Singh: is the middle-aged sour-faced cook, who works in Chopra’s house. Under Chopra’s instructions, Amar Singh mixes estrogen hormones in Raj’s food leading to the latter’s feminization.

Ashok Patel: is a balding, reed-thin co-producer of Pyar Mai Dhoka. He staunchly believes in Angel’s potential in becoming a huge star. Later in the story, Patel becomes the director of the movie. He decides to keep Angel in the film even when a scandal breaks out and Angel is revealed to be a pre-op trans girl.

Wilma Fernandez: is Raj’s 35-year-old voice therapist. She is a short, stout, friendly young woman. Wilma teaches Raj to reduce voice resonance by protruding and retracting his lips. She aims to make Raj speak in a pitch that is three times higher than his original pitch. With patience and consistent practice, Wilma helps Raj achieve his goals.


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