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Kyle Morrison/Sheena/Lily is the 16-year-old protagonist of the story whose life gets derailed because of a leaked sex tape. Kyle is described as having clear skin, calf-like eyes, an angelic nose and luscious lips. Following being thrown of the house, Kyle is rescued by Natasha who pays for his MTF surgery and therapy and helps him become “Sheena.” Following a stint at a massage parlor, it’s straight to LA for Sheena wherein she plays different roles: i.e. that of Porn Star, Sensuous Sheena, the girlfriend of action hero Chase Perez and top RomCom heroine, Lily Morrison. After Sheena’s dark past catches up with her, she goes away to Scotland where she finds her roots and true love.

Bobby is Kyle’s skinny, stylish, seedy 28-year-old boyfriend who sports his hair long. Bobby seduces young Kyle into an affair with him and tapes their intimate moments together. Subsequently, he sells the tape to a website called ‘seller’s Paradise” and makes oodles of money. The police trace him down and arrest him. As a result of the scandal that erupts due to Bobby’s action, Kyle is thrown out of school and later on his house.

Vikas Gupta is Kyle Morrison’s pedophile of a stepfather. He is described as a “gross, fat, ugly boar.” Vikas Gupta misuses his designation as a stepfather and molests young Kyle for 13 years. Gupta is much offended when Kyle speaks up against it and no longer wants to support him financially. When Gupta’s business starts suffering after his stepson’s MMS scandal, he uses the opportunity to throw Kyle out of his house.

Ella is Kyle’s Scottish mother who marries Indian businessman Vikas Gupta after the demise of Kyle’s father, Rory Morrison. She is a gentle, passive woman to implicitly trusts her devious second husband. Following Kyle MMS scandal, Ella goes into depression and is unable to protest when Vikas Gupta throws him out of the house. Later, Lily learns from her grandmother that Ella has left Gupta and started an NGO for sexual minorities in Mumbai.

Bishop Johnson is the grim-looking principal of Kyle’s school St. Jude’s who rusticates him following the MMS scandal. Bishop Johnson withholds Kyle’s Transfer Certificate as a result of which the latter is unable to secure admission anywhere else.

Natasha is a short stout woman with podgy features and a racy style of dressing. 38-year-old Natasha rescues Kyle from the streets and pays for his MTF surgery and treatment. Following this, she buys Kyle (now Sheena) hordes of sexy lingerie and gets her hair straightened. Natasha employs Kyle in her “Massage Parlor” (a euphemism for prostitution den) and mints a lot of money owing to Sheena being a white-skinned girl. Natasha divulges to Jayden King the fact that Sheena is an MTF transgender, leading the latter to try and sabotage Sheena’s Hollywood career, later on, by making the fact public.

Jayden King is a florid heavy-set 45-year-old producer of an adult movie company called “Orgasmic Rhapsody.” Much impressed by Sheena’s looks and sexual prowess, King takes her to LA and casts her in his porno flicks. King and Sheena start a relationship. When Sheena leaves him for Chase Perez, King is infuriated, though he meets her declaration with stoicism ostensibly. He waits to exact revenge until Sheena’s flick “The Lance-wielder” is ready for release. One day before the premiere, King divulges to the media that “Lily Morrison” is none other than porn star Sensuous Sheena. He also makes the fact that Sheena is an MTF transgender public.

Chase Perez is the dashing top Hollywood action hero in his late 30s. Chase Perez is 5’9, has high cheek-bones, Jet-black hair, bronze skin and laugher lines. Sheena notices that he has three personalities in him i.e. that of a flirt, an old-fashioned gentleman and an introvert. After he starts a relationship with Lily, Perez expects her to work as his secretary. He doesn’t want Lily to act in movies but wants her to be a housewife. Owing to what she perceives as his chauvinistic attitude, Lily leaves Perez.

Alexander Turner/ Zander is a Hollywood movie producer of 55 with thick hair, lovely eyebrows, glittering green eyes and perennially smiling lips. In an attempt to avenge Perez’s snub, Zander casts his girlfriend Lily in a number of RomCom movies. Zander has his sweet revenge when his movies starring Lily become much more popular than Perez’s. Zander is a father figure as well as a lover to Lily. Zander breaks Lily’s heart by reuniting with his wife, Janet. Lily sinks into depression, as a consequence, and her career suffers.

Brice Myers is the buoyant, red-haired PRO in her late 30s who helps Lily reinvent herself and revives her flagging Hollywood career. Brice is traumatized due to a miscarriage and the subsequent divorce due to which she’s not able to contact Lily when the latter is struggling to become a Hollywood actor. Five years on, a guilt-ridden Brice contacts a depressed Lily and offers to be her PRO. She also becomes a good friend, taking Lily to a psychiatrist and putting her on a strict exercise schedule. Brice reinvents Lily’s innocuous image to that of an action heroine’s. She increases Lily’s visibility by insisting that she attend public events and invites the paparazzi to click pictures of Lily. As a result of Brice’s efforts, Lily is offered a big-budget action movie.

Brendon Smith is the director who makes action flick “The Lance-wielder” starring Lily. Smith has made most of Chase Perez’s movies. Smith offers to make a sequel to “The Lance-wielder” with Lily, but she refuses.

Aiden Scott is a 35-year-old blue-eyed, sandy-haired Scottish man whom Lily finds true love in. Sick of urban living, Aiden gives up his job as a techie and becomes a lumberjack in a remote pocket of Scotland. He rescues Lily from a lynx attack following which the two fall in love.

Daisy J. Morrison is the wrinkled elderly grandma of Lily. Daisy Morrison is a mischievous person with a lot of spunk. She has her heart in the right place and accepts Kyle’s gender change liberally. She is in touch with her dead son’s wife and advises Lily to go and see her mom sometimes.

Bajaj is a hirsute pot-bellied Bollywood producer who is a regular client of Lily’s. Bajaj thinks Lily’s looks wouldn’t be popular in the Hindi movie industry, yet he invites her to an audition. When a co-judge rejects Lily right at the outset, Bajaj speaks in her favor. Yet Lily is rejected. After the incident, Bajaj worries if Lily’s rejection at the audition would affect his sexual relations with her.

Janet is Turner’s estranged wife who comes back into his life ousting Lily.

Tyler is Lily’s 25-year-old, unimpressive-looking agent. Tyler is unable to get Lily a project but gets her a ticket to a star-studded party at which she meets Chase Perez.

Pratap Singh is a well-known Bollywood director who is impressed by Lily’s histrionics and dialogue delivery yet rejects her saying she is too “foreign-looking” for the Hindi film industry. He tells Lily that she’s very talented and encourages her to try her luck in some other movie industry.

Rory Morrison is Lily’s deceased father. Rory is depicted as having blue eyes, blonde hair and an easy, good-natured, playful manner. Lily reminiscences about him with fondness.

MJ is a fat woman of about 30 who is the secretary of “Aroma’s Massage Parlor”.

Desiree is a make-up artist at “Orgasmic Rhapsodies”

Dr. Bora is the doctor who performs gender reassignment surgery on Lily and starts hormone treatment on her.

Dr. Watson is the psychiatrist who treats Lily’s depression.

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