A Mysterious Boy: Feminized to Marry a Woman is a feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

35-year-old renowned writer Sarah McCartney is a secret lesbian with a fear of betrayal in love. She lives a lonely life with her maiden aunt, Mary.

When returning from a writing workshop, Sarah finds a young man being manhandled by thugs in the shady area of Moss Side. Sarah scares away the thugs with her emergency whistle and brings the unconscious man home. The young stranger is about 18 years old and is unusually beautiful, with thick black hair and dainty chiseled features.

The young man is accommodated in the guest bedroom. Sarah stays by his side the entire night. When the young man regains consciousness the next morning, he claims to be a woman and Sarah’s spouse.


Anora/Julian Reed: is the protagonist of the story. He is an unusually beautiful young man of 19, with thick black hair and honey-brown eyes. He is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Julian is a fan of Author Sarah McCartney and has had a crush on her for a long time. He discovers that she is a lesbian and often fantasizes about transitioning into a woman, marrying Sarah and becoming her lesbian wife. When fate intervenes and he finds himself in Sarah’s house, Julian pretends to be a woman and Sarah’s spouse.

Sarah McCartney: is a famous 35-year-old author with a lot of ancestral wealth. She is tall (5’8) and gym-toned, with light blonde hair and green eyes. Sarah is a lesbian, who has never been in a relationship ever since she was betrayed by her college sweetheart, Jenny. She channelizes all her energy towards work and becomes a successful writer. Sarah rescues Anora and develops a secret, unethical desire to feminize him. She soon falls deeply in love with him.

Mary McCartney: is Sarah’s 55-year-old maiden aunt. Mary is a plump, colorfully-dressed lady with a cheerful disposition. She deeply cares for Sarah and wants her to find a partner to settle down with. Mary takes a liking for Anora and dubs her as belonging to a good, respectable family. When Sarah believes false claims that Anora is a gold-digging prostitute and throws her out of the house, Mary is upset with Sarah. Mary feels that Sarah should have given Anora a chance to explain herself.

Dr. Thomas Christie: is the sixtyish family doctor of the McCartney family. Dr. Christie is bearded and bespectacled with kindly grey eyes. When Sarah finds the unconscious young Anora at Moss Side, she promptly phones Dr. Christie who immediately leaves for Sarah’s house at Whalley Range. Dr. Christie examines the patient and pronounces that the young man has had a huge shock due to which he is unconscious. He also says that Anora’s mental state is fragile and that he has to be looked after with care.

Jack Robinson: is Sarah’s classmate at Oxford who currently runs a pharmacy. Jack is in his mid 30s and has a lean, hungry look about him. He thinks of Sarah as a sister and has remained in touch with her over the years. Jack is fond of Sarah and doesn’t mind doing unethical things for her. When Sarah confides the desire to feminize Anora in Jack, Jack supplies her with estrogen hormones.

Andrew Grant: is a famous casting director in his fifties. Grant is suave and unconventionally attractive, with thick pepper-and-salt hair and a predatory smile. Grant is an unethical person who misuses his position as a casting director and exploits young men and women. He uses a woman called Tracy Miller to intimate him about good-looking guys and girls so that he can sexually exploit them. When Tracy tells Grant about Julian, Grant takes Julian to Warwick on the pretext of shooting him and tries to rape the unsuspecting young man.

Peter Clarke: is the editor-in-chief of the publishing house, which publishes Sarah’s books. Peter is a skinny, gangling guy in his forties. After the launch of Sarah’s books, Peter takes her to a pub to celebrate. When he notices Anora serving drinks, Peter tells Sarah that Anora used to be a young man from a wealthy, respectable family, who was married to a rich businesswoman called Elena Hall.

Elena Hall: is a rich and shrewd 29-year-old businesswoman who marries Julian. Elena keeps her marriage a secret from her only brother. On the day of her wedding, Elena is caught in a car crash. She is immediately rushed to the nearest hospital and kept in the ICU. Elena expires a few days afterward.

Dylan Hall: is a 19-year-old roughhewn class bully, who studies in the same college as Julian. Dylan takes a fancy to the beautiful Julian and sexually harasses him on a regular basis. Julian reports Dylan’s behavior to the college authorities, yet Dylan continues to torment him. Julian dates and marries Elena Hall, without realizing that she is Dylan’s sister. He discovers the fact when Elena meets with an accident and is in the ICU. Dylan misuses his sister’s helpless state and subsequent death to try and rape Julian.

Tracy Miller: is a waitress, who also works as a burlesque dancer and pimp. Tracy is tall, big-boned and has flaming red hair. She is in her 40s. She notices Julian’s beauty and tries to pimp him to a wealthy casting director, Andrew Grant. Later on, she helps Julian find accommodation in a “Working Men’s Hostel”, which is actually a brothel. When Julian testifies against her after the raid, which leads to Tracy’s imprisonment, a vengeful Tracy hires thugs to kill Julian.

Jenny Cummings: was Sarah’s girlfriend in Oxford. She had merry blue eyes and a jolly laugh. Jenny cheats on Sarah leading the latter to lose faith in love for a long time (until she meets Anora).

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