“The Devil with an Angel’s Smile” is a feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Willie Hall is a confused 18-year-old trying to find his purpose in life. He becomes fascinated by 30-year-old Bella Myra, who is a spiritual teacher, blogger and social media celebrity. The desire to be with Bella takes Willie miles away from Utah to Costa Rica. He joins a 2-year diploma in New Age Spirituality at Flora, a spiritual retreat cum learning center run by Bella and her husband, Marcel.

Willie has a revelation during the Inner Child Meditation. He has been abused as a child by his own dad. Through hypnosis and other techniques that tap into the subconscious, Willie learns that he was a famous gay man in his past life. Furthermore, Willie learns that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.


Willie/Kelly Hall: is the 18-year-old protagonist of the story. He is 5’7 tall and slender, with blond hair and kind grey eyes. Willie’s mom has died in childbirth, leaving Willie’s father with mixed feelings towards his soon. The father’s apathy leads Willie to take to bad company and do drugs. Willie becomes besotted with an attractive spiritual teacher, Bella Myra. Bella Myra helps Willie get in touch with his inner femininity and helps him transition into Kelly.

Bella Myra: is a 30-year-old Costa Rica based spiritual teacher. She is tall, voluptuous and supernaturally beautiful, with dark hair and hypnotic green eyes. Bella has a huge fan following on the internet. She runs a spiritual retreat and educational institution called Flora. Bella has been married 4 times and has a 5-year-old son from her second marriage. Bella is bisexual. She feminizes Willie for her own personal gains and ends up exploiting him for money and sex.

Marcel Garrel: is Bella’s fourth husband. He is tall and well built, with blue eyes and a beard. Marcel runs a meditation retreat along with his wife and acts as her secretary. Marcel is aware that Bella is unhinged, but listens to all her crazy whim and supports her in all her demented ventures. Marcel and Bella team up to make a lot of money by feminizing Willie and shooting tantric sex porn videos with her. Marcel is Bella’s slave and worships the ground she walks on. He even assists Bella when the latter tries to murder Willie (now Kelly).

Christopher Hall: is Willie’s father. Christopher is in his mid-40s, has sandy hair and brown eyes. Since his beloved wife Judy died in childbirth, Christopher has mixed feelings about his son, who he thinks is responsible for the death of his mom. Christopher is negligent and emotionally unavailable for Willie. However, when Willie goes away to Costa Rica to study spirituality, Christopher misses him terribly. When Christopher realizes that Willie is in trouble, he promptly alerts the police and takes the closest flight to Costa Rica to rescue his son.

Raj Arora: is one of Bella’s ex-husbands. He is about 35, tall and has black hair and eyes. Raj has been divorced by Bella on grounds of incompatibility and unemotionally unavailability, while the truth was that she was being unfaithful to him. Bella’s betrayal has usurped Raj’s mental balance. He wants to take revenge against his ex-wife at all costs. He abducts Bella’s lover Kelly to teach Bella a lesson but is soon caught.

Judy Hall: is Willie’s deceased mom. She had blonde hair and kind grey eyes that Willie has inherited. Bella died while giving birth to Willie. Judy’s death has left her husband shocked and incapable of looking after their son. Willie grows up feeling a lack of parental love. Willie decides to feminize so that he can look more like his mom and feel closer to her.

Kevin Parker: is the creative head of an adult movie production house called “His and Her Libido”. Parker buys all the tantric sex videos made by the Garrels as a result of which the Garrels become rich. Kevin wants to shoot a new series using a post-op transgender. Kelly, therefore, is forced to undergo gender change surgery. The new video series fail, leaving Parker bankrupt.

Chief Inspector Gable: is a trim mustached man who works with the Costa Rica police. He arrests Bella Myra for practicing spirituality and making tantric sex videos without a license. He catches Bella trying to kill Kelly and also books Bella for attempted murder.

Erica: is a pleasantly plump, sixtyish batch mate of Willie’s. Erica is well-informed about spiritual concepts and elaborates on the theory of “Shadow Work”.

Samuel Reed: is an ex-husband of Bella’s. He is an athlete of ash blonde coloring. He has fathered Bella’s son, Ryan.

Ryan Reed: is Bella and Samuel’s 5-year-old son. He is a bonny, blithe child with his father’s looks and athletic prowess. Ryan considers Kelly his best friend and plays games like Peek a Boo, Hide and Seek et al. with her. When Bella is imprisoned, Samuel gains his son’s custody.

Terry Lee: is Christopher Hall’s business partner and a good friend. Terry sees Kelly in Bella’s tantric sex videos and recognizes Kelly as his friend’s son, Willie. Since Willie has shown no signs of Gender Dysphoria, Terry suspects that Willie has been forced to transition and is being coerced into acting in porn videos. Terry contacts Christopher immediately and alerts him of his suspicions. Christopher rescues his son Christopher in time thanks to Terry’s warning.

Samantha Walker: is a pretty girl in Kelly’s class at HLS. With her dark hair and green eyes, Samantha bears a distinct resemblance to Bella Myra. However, the similarity ends there. Unlike the dark Bella, Samantha is a good, innocent girl who wishes to be Kelly’s friend.

Jean Pierre Dubois: is a friend of Marcel Garrel’s. He is a reed-thin, blanched faced man of about 40. Dubois owns a small video company called “Hot and Steamy”. Bella’s first tantric sex video is bought by Dubois and makes good sales. Dubois encourages the Garrel’s to make more videos and promises to pay them $500 per video.

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