Haunted Red Shoes (Feminized by a Curse) is a forced feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

15-year-old orphan Max Robinson is adopted by the kindly Samuel Wright, a businessman. Samuel owns a striptease club called Tantalize and has a 15-year-old daughter called Ava. Ava is loving and giving towards her foster brother. However, she allows no one to touch her one possession: her red shoes.

Three years pass. Max shows a great knack for business, making Samuel to see him as the natural successor of his business. After Ava tragically passes away in a car accident, Max can’t resist the temptation to wear her red shoes…

A series of strange occurrences follow this event. Max’s body begins to feminize and he loses his penis…


Max/Maya Robinson/Wright: is the 18-year-old protagonist of the story. He is an attractive boy of average height, with raven black hair and green eyes. Max has a knack for business and loves his foster sister Ava. He is a good guy, with one failing: his avaricious love for Ava’s red shoes. He wears them after Ava’s death and finds that his life is changing in chilling ways.

Samuel Wright: is the 50-year-old founder cum president of a striptease club called Tantalize. Samuel has a crinkled face, with brown hair and eyes. He is kind-hearted and adopts the orphaned Max. He notices Max’s interest in business and wants Max to become his successor. When Ava passes away, Samuel wishes to open a ballet section in Tantalize in her memory. However, the rest of the board shoots down his idea. A few weeks after Ava’s death, Samuel dies of a cardiac arrest.

Ava Wright: is Samuel Wright’s beautiful, kind-hearted daughter. She is the same age as Max. Ava has long blonde hair and kindly grey eyes. She considers Max her brother and shares everything with him. However, she is particular that no one touches her red shoes. Ava loves ballet and practices it for long hours. On her 18th birthday, she tragically passes away in a car accident.

Lucas Wright: is Samuel Wright’s 47-year-old thin, wolfish looking brother. Lucas Wright is a primary shareholder cum director in Tantalize. He dislikes Max and refers to him as a “slum of the streets”. When Samuel passes away, Lucas Wright becomes the temporary chairman of Tantalize.

Theodore “Teddy” Wright: is Lucas’s 18-year-old son. He is a sleek, predatory looking youth, with brown hair and dark eyes. Teddy shares the same disdain for Max that his father does. He wishes to become the chairman of Tantalize when he turns 21. Teddy interns along with Max and tries to show him down at every opportunity. When Max’s body begins to feminize, Teddy taunts and embarrasses him in front of everyone. Teddy later suggests that Max perform pole dancing and striptease at Tantalize to help pay off the debt Samuel has left behind.

Isabella Wright: is Lucas’s wife. She is one of the shareholders cum directors of Tantalize, but never makes an appearance in the company.

Logan Wood: is an outside employee in Tantalize. He is a stocky, thickset man in his 50s, with prominent sideburns and astute blue eyes. Logan manages Tantalize smoothly. He ensures that family politics is controlled and that the business is run smoothly. Logan likes Max and mentors him to become the chairman. When Max’s body begins to feminize, Logan is deeply upset. He assumes that Max is on female hormones and asks him to stop taking them. When Max becomes a striptease performer at Tantalize, Logan Wood cuts off interaction with him.

Luisa: is one of Ava’s friends. She is a long mournful faced girl, with brown hair. On Ava’s 18th birthday, Luisa drives her and three other girls to London. On the way back, Luisa dashes against a sedentary vehicle. Luisa and the other girl survive with injuries, but Ava dies.

Charlotte Hughes: is Samuel’s deceased wife’s sister. She is in her mid-40s, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a hard, unkind face. Charlotte is one of the shareholders cum directors of Tantalize. Charlotte dislikes Max as he is Samuel’s adoptive son. When Max begins to feminize, she develops disgust for him. Charlotte feels that a transgendered chairman is not good for the image of Tantalize.

Dylan Hughes: is Charlotte’s 60-year-old husband. He is a grey-haired former psychiatrist with bushy eyebrows. Dylan too is a shareholder cum director in Tantalize. He too dislikes Max and wants Teddy to become the chairman of the company.

Ezra Green: is another major shareholder cum director in Tantalize. Green is a podgy, good-natured man in his 40s. He owns a cabaret called “Sensuality” in Manchester. Green likes Max and wants him to become the chairman of Tantalize. However, after Max begins to feminize, Green develops loathing for the latter.

Dr. Kate Johnson: is a plump, kind-hearted doctor of about 45. She has been the Wrights’ family doctor for a decade, at least. When Samuel develops chest pains, Max calls Dr. Johnson home. Dr. Johnson examines Samuel and informs Max that Samuel has died of a cardiac arrest.

Mrs. Peterson: is a fat, cheerful housemaid who works at the Wrights. She is asked by Max to throw away the red shoes and promptly obliges.

Julian: is Mrs. Peterson’s callow nephew. He is in charge of the Wright home whenever Mrs. Peterson takes a vacation. Julian doesn’t know that he is not supposed to allow visitors to come straight up to Max’s room. Because of Julian, Teddy comes straight up to Max’s room when the latter is pole dancing.

Harley Lewis: is a Surrey-based businessman. Lewis is 38, tall, blonde and broad-shouldered, with pale blue eyes and a cleft chin. He buys Maya for a huge sum and keeps her as his Personal Assistant cum sex slave. Lewis practices rough sex with Maya, making the latter wish to leave. Lewis expects Maya to buy her freedom from him.

Philip Spencer: is Harley Lewis’s lawyer. He is about 50 years old. Spencer visits Maya after Lewis’s death and informs her that she is now free of debt and has even inherited half a million pounds from Lewis.

Freya Martin: is the 20-year-old woman Maya falls in love with and marries. Freya is pretty, with a chubby face and freckles. She is a ballerina by profession. She is generous and kind-hearted, too.

Ava Martin Wright: is the baby girl adopted by Maya and Freya.

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