My Dad Was My Hero (subtitle: Feminized to be a Hero) is a voluntary-and-forced feminization novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

36-year-old Zack Rossi leads an ideal family life with a wife, Donna and 16-year-old daughter, Aria. All is well until Donna accidentally kills a woman at a crossing. The woman had abruptly crossed when the traffic lights had turned green. However, lawyer Wade Ferri claims otherwise. He represents the accident victim’s 93-year-old father, Antonio Serra. They claim that the traffic light was still red when Donna started the car. Ferri and his client even have a fake witness ready. It soon becomes clear to the Rossi family that the mafia has contacted Mr. Serra. Together, they are fabricating a vicious claim against the Rossi family, so that they can extort a huge amount of money from them.
The Rossi family agrees to an out-of-court monetary settlement. When they are unable to pay the demanded amount, the mafia threatens to take Aria away and force her into prostitution. Donna volunteers to go instead of the daughter but is rejected by the mafia guys. Instead, they agree to take Zack with them.
How much money can a feminized Zack make for the mafia? Will he ever return to his family again?


Vittorio Rossi/Angela: is the 36-year-old protagonist of the story. He is 5’5 and has a not-so-muscular body. He is pretty, with red hair and green eyes. He loves his daughter and volunteers to be taken by the mafia guys instead of her. He diligently works in the legal department of a mafia owned company. He also works in the company lawyer’s house as her maid and playmate. Vittorio is feminized, renamed Angela and is forced to work as a prostitute cum manager in a mafia owned resort.

Daniela Rossi: is Vittorio Rossi’s 38-year-old wife. She is a skinny, pale blonde who manages the house. Daniela kills a woman in a traffic accident. The mafia takes unfair advantage of the situation, hires a lawyer and fabricates a vicious claim against Daniela and her family. The mafia lawyer and the Rossi family agree on a monetary settlement. However, the Rossi family is unable to pay the demanded amount. The mafia guys threaten to take away Daniela’s daughter and force her to work as a prostitute. Daniela begs them not to and volunteers to go with them instead.

Angelina Rossi: is Vittorio’s 16-year-old daughter. She is a beautiful girl, with red hair and green eyes like her dad’s. Angelina loves her dad very much. When the Rossi family is unable to pay the amount demanded by the mafia, the mafia guys try to take away Angelina in order to force her into prostitution. Angelina is frightened to death. When her dad decides to go instead of her, Angelina regards him as her hero.

Wade Ferri: is the mafia-hired lawyer in his 40s. Though he has a cherubic face and soft curly hair, his eyes are shrewd and canny. Ferri ostensibly represents Antonio Serra, the accident victim’s father, but actually represents the mafia. Wade Ferri insists that Daniela caused the accident due to negligence and even brings a fake witness to prove his point. He threatens the Rossi family and tries to extort a large sum of money from them. When the Rossi family is unable to pay the demanded amount, Ferri and his accomplice try to take Angelina away in order to force her into prostitution.

Maria Serra: is the 60-year-old accident victim. She crosses the road on her bicycle after the traffic lights have turned green. She, subsequently, gets hit by Daniela’s car and dies later. Her father hires a lawyer as he wants justice for his deceased daughter.

Antonio Serra: is the accident victim’s 93-year-old father. He hires Wade Ferri as he wants justice for his daughter. Antonio Serra is subsequently approached by the mafia, who uses the situation to intimidate and extort money from the Rossi family.

Gael Greco: is the fake witness prepared by mafia lawyer, Wade Ferri. Greco is a bearded hulk of a man, dressed in leather jeans and a Metallica t-shirt. He sports several and piercings tattoos and looks like the spawn of the devil. Going by his dress and deportment, it appears as if Greco is a felon, pilferer or someone who obviously is on the wrong side of the law. Greco insists that Daniela started the car and hit the woman when the traffic light was still red.

Sergio: is one of the mafia guys who barges into the Rossi house along with Ferri. He is a sleek, aquiline featured man, sporting a beard and shades. He appeared to be in his 20s and had a cold, cruel air about him. He tries to yank away Angelina, intending to force the girl into prostitution. When Vittorio volunteers to go, Sergio talks to the godfather and takes Vittorio along instead of Angelina.

Fabio Montana: is the godfather of a mafia family. He is a tall, broad-shouldered man in his 60s, with short pepper-and-salt hair and hard black eyes. He owns several offices and resorts. He makes Vittorio work in the main office until Vittorio’s body is feminized. Montana, subsequently, takes Vittorio (now Angela) to a Mediterranean resort where the latter is forced to work as a prostitute cum manager. Montana gives Angela a bonus for working diligently in the resort. The bonus happens to be SRS.

Sandra Bianchi: is the lawyer employed at Montana & Co., a mafia owned company. She is a tall, attractive woman of about 40. Sandra is of mixed descent and has dusky skin, brown eyes and wild black locks. Vittorio is made Sandra’s assistant at the office. Sandra enjoys working with Vittorio and helps him feminize. Sandra also allows Vittorio to stay in her apartment and work as her assistant, maid and playmate.

Emilia: is a young assistant-level employee who works at Montana & Co. Emilia panics when Vittorio enters the ladies’ restroom, thinking that he intends to assault her. She subsequently screams, causing much embarrassment to Vittorio.

Alma Marino: is the head of the accounting department at Montana & Co. Alma is a plain, bespectacled woman, who has a narrow mindset and an inappropriate sense of humor. When Vittorio goes to the HR department, Alma recognizes him as a man in a woman’s clothes and insults him. Vittorio, subsequently, undergoes laser hair removal.

Dr. Boon Nam Yada: is a renowned surgeon in Bangkok. He is a small, good-looking man of about 55. Dr. Yada performs Laryngoplasty Surgery on Vittorio and enables the latter to speak in a sweet, high-pitched voice.

Stefano Villa: is the fat, balding, middle-aged GM of Mediterranean Resort. He gives Angela a set of skimpy clothes and tells her that she is to work as a prostitute cum manager. Villa punishes Angela when she or the other girls make a mistake. When the police raid the underground whorehouse, Villa is arrested and prosecuted along with Angela.

Melissa: is a young shemale who is forced to work at Mediterranean Resort. When she makes a small “mistake”, Angela is forced to report it to the mafia guys. Melissa and Angela are subsequently punished.

Alicia: is another young shemale who is forced to work at Mediterranean Resort. She tries to run away but is caught and punished along with Angela.

Mathias Conti: is Daniela’s rich boyfriend. Daniela intends to marry Mathias after divorcing Vittorio.


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