Feminized for Inspiration is an MTF-lesbian romance novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Alicia Tinley, a 34-year-old author, has just won the Man Booker Prize for her book “When it Happened”, which revolves around the “corrective” rape she and her partner Lia Costa had suffered 17 years back. The Booker Prize catapults Alicia into fame after which she marries Theo, a beautiful 21-year-old Briton with sea-green eyes and flaming red hair. In many ways, he reminds Alicia of Lia…

Alicia starts writing her next novel and is inspired to write the story of Desire, a young carefree trans woman. Alicia is only used to writing about events that have transpired in reality. She, therefore, decides to feminize her husband–for inspiration.


Desire: is the protagonist of Alicia Tinley’s eponymous novel. Desire is a young trans woman, who lives life on her own terms. She is curvaceous and lovely, with red hair and green eyes. Desire is the least bothered by society’s rules and lives, laughs and loves as she likes. She is an unfettered bird who falls in love with a young man in spite of being married to another woman (Patience).

Alicia Tinley: is the 34-year-old narrator of the story. Alicia is a famous writer, who has won many awards for her works. She is of mixed descent and is rather exotic-looking: with long limbs, dusky skin and wild black curly hair. Alicia is the victim of corrective rape, an incident which leads her to leave home and find the word for herself in a supermarket. She, simultaneously, starts writing. Alicia lives a reclusive life, but falls in love with and marries a young Briton called Theo. Alicia subsequently feminizes Theo so as to derive inspiration to write a novel about a young trans woman.

Theo Westcott: is Alicia’s 21-year-old husband. Theo is a beautiful young man, with flaming red hair, green eyes and an easy laugh. He falls in love with the older, super gifted Alicia Tinley and marries her. Theo is in awe of his wife and her talents. He worships her and is willing to do anything for her. When Alicia suffers from writer’s block and is unable to write her latest novel, which is about a young trans woman, Theo agrees to dress as a woman and take female hormones in order to inspire Alicia. On Alicia’s behest, Theo befriends a young man called Elia Ricci.

Elia Ricci: is Desire’s 22-year-old friend. Elia is super tall (6’4), has thick brown hair and brown eyes. He is sentimental, sensitive and emotional by nature. He also has a great sense of humor and cracks jokes often. Elia is a house painter, who is also studying to be a lawyer. He has a little daughter from his now-deceased wife. Elia gradually falls in love with Desire and proposes to her. He kills himself on finding out that Desire is already married.

Carina Ricci: is Elia’s 4-year-old daughter. She has inherited her father’s brown hair and eyes. Carina is a student of Desire’s and is attached to her teacher. Carina considers Desire as a mother-figure.

Paolo: The class bully in Carina’s class. Carina protects everyone from Paolo.

Lia Costa: is the lovely girl Alicia was in love with as a teenager. With her red hair and soulful green eyes, Lia looked much like Theo. Like Alicia, Lia too becomes the victim of corrective rape. Lia, subsequently, commits suicide leaving Alicia disturbed for life.

Ryan Robinson: is the acquisitions editor of the British publishing house, which prints Alicia’s novel. After Alicia wins the Man Booker Prize for her novel “When it Happened”, Mr. Robinson phones her and asks her to write another novel. Mr. Robinson wants the story to be a very unusual one. He offers Alicia a sum of £35,000 to write the novel. Alicia receives £25,000 in advance.

Greta Marino: is Carina’s deceased mother. She owned a bakery and sold cakes for a living. 17-year-old Elia fell in love with Greta and the two had an affair. Greta, subsequently, got pregnant. Elia’s parents refused to accept Greta as their daughter-in-law. Elia cut off relations with his family and married Greta. Greta died as a result of complications during childbirth.

Mr. Mario Bianchi: is the principal of the kindergarten school Desire works in.

Alma: is the games teacher in the school Desire works in.

Dr. Andrea Bianchi: is a foxy looking surgeon, who is in his 50s. He works in a reputed private hospital in Rome and performs SRS on Desire. During the consultation, Dr. Bianchi asks Desire several questions in order to ensure that she is ready to transition fully. He performs the surgery only when he is fully convinced that Desire wishes to be 100% female. Under Alicia’s instructions, he is discreet about the surgery (so that the press doesn’t come to know that the renowned Alicia Tinley’s husband has undergone a sex change surgery).

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