“Unicorn and Hourglass: Subconscious Desire for Feminization” is a transgender romance suspense novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Leon Thomas, a 20 year old physics undergraduate, is harangued by a recurring dream of a small pink round circle with an equilateral cross beneath it. After the repetitive dream develops an extension,  Leon goes and meets Naomi, a beautiful young psychic. Leon feels an instant attraction towards Naomi. She also feels drawn to him. After employing a series of psychic techniques, mainly the tarot card reading, Naomi divulges that Leon’s recurring dream symbolizes his subconscious desire to be female.


Leon Thomas/Lynette: is the 20 year old protagonist of the story. He is 5’8, has sandy brown hair, kindly grey eyes and a sexily askew mouth. Leon is a ‘regular’ guy who likes his drink, soccer and revels in robust male company. As a man of science, he is skeptical of the paranormal.

However, a recurring dream harangues him enough to seek the help of a psychic called Naomi. Drawn to Naomi’s physical and spiritual beauty, Leon falls in love. A series of psychic techniques employed by Naomi, mainly the tarot card reading divulges that in his deep, innate subconscious, Leon desires to be female. Leon is skeptical at first, but soon discovers that Naomi’s reading is accurate.

Naomi Ito: is the protagonist’s psychic who eventually goes on to become his lover. Naomi is a beautiful petite (5’3) 25 year old woman with clear dark eyes, a smooth face, delicate features and long luxuriant black hair. She has a stunning smile and even pomegranate-like teeth.

Naomi is a law graduate with a gift of the occult acquired after a near-death experience in childhood. She eventually quits her job at a law firm to become a full-time psychic. Naomi’s dabbling with the occult doesn’t go down well with her husband, Jose, who, after an attempt to strangulate Naomi, lands in jail.

When Naomi meets Leon, she feels an instant erotic-spiritual connection with him. Using an array of psychic techniques, mainly the tarot card reading, Naomi discovers that Leon’s recurring dream reveals his subconscious desire to be female.

Emily Marin: is Leon’s childhood friend. She is a tall, gorgeous blonde with sea green eyes. When Leon confides that he is haunted by the recurring dream and its extension, a concerned Emily refers him to Naomi, a renowned psychic. Emily soothes Leon’s skepticism by illustrating an instance when she herself benefitted as a result of a psychic remedy suggested by Naomi. After Naomi interprets Leon’s dream as a subconscious desire to be female, Emily becomes skeptical of her predictions.

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