Twenty-nine-year-old Rishab Tiwari has it all—health, wealth, a big-league company and a gorgeous wife. However, he squanders it all over an inebriated bet, which requires him to dress in drag for one whole year. Read more to find out what Rishab loses and the infinite things he gains, all in the name of Greek God of liquor, Bacchus.


Rishab Tiwari/Reena– is the tall, manly, 29-year-old CEO of a top textile manufacturing company. In an inebriated state, Rishab agrees to a bet, which requires him to live as a member of the third gender for one whole year. On winning the bet, Rishab gets the opponent’s company; on losing it, he is supposed to transfer his own to the opponent. In addition, he must also castrate himself. ‘All in the Name of Bacchus’ traces Rishab’s bitter-sweet journey post-bet after he loses his company, status, wife, property and manhood.

Prerna- is Rishab’s tall, fair, slim, beautiful wife. Prerna loves her husband but is unable to stand by him through the entire ordeal of humiliation both of them have to undergo owing to the nature of Rishab’s bet.

Mudit Bohra– is the owner of a company called ‘Bohra & Sons’ and the man who tricks Rishab into writing and signing the fateful contract. The reason behind Bohra’s conspiracy is a vendetta. He has, in the past, had a love affair with Prerna and wants to avenge her leaving him to marry Rishab.

Sunil Jain– He is Rishab’s bosom buddy and the vice-president of his company Sunrise Textiles Ltd. Sunil is a fair-complexioned young man of medium height. He tries his best to prevent a drunken Rishab from signing the tricky contract in the pub. However, Sunil is unable to prevent the cataclysm Rishab brings upon himself.

Alexander Jones– is a blonde, blue-eyed, bisexual American man in his late 30s. When Rishab first meets Alex, the latter is a patent attorney at Wilson & Co., a leading American company.

Rukmini- She is a big, golden-skinned, extremely beautiful hijra in her mid-40s. Rukmini is the guru or leader of the Jamaat (transsexual community).

Mr. Mehra– is the fat, middle-aged head of Ashakiran, an NGO working for the needs of the differently able. He isn’t aware that Rishab has started dressing as a hijra and invites him to a fundraiser.

[About “Hijra, The Third Gender” series]

“Hijra, The Third Gender” is a series of autobiography fiction. The narrator of each story tells you about her/his life – how and why she/he was thrown into the third gender and about her/his experience.

Hijra means a transgender individual adopted by a guru in the well organized transgender community believing in the same goddess and living in feminine attire. Hijra is referred to as “the third gender.” Rules and ceremonies for adoption, initiation, castration, etc. are well defined in the hijra community. Once you get nirvan (castration ceremony is often done without anesthesia) you cannot go back to your former self.

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