After the sudden demise of his father, 18-year-old Troy Carter travels all the way from the US to be with his half-sister, Julia, who lives in the Dartmoor region of England. As the ominous quality of the moors casts itself on the boy, a series of unusual events occur. A cab driver refuses to drop Troy to Hodgson Hotel, which is owned by Troy’s brother-in-law Arthur Sykes. The driver profusely apologizes for his act, claiming to have become neurotic after the mysterious disappearance of his son, George, two years previously.

Kindly, middle-aged priest Father Anka escorts Troy to Hodgson Hotel. Upon reaching Hodgson Hotel, Troy is at the receiving end of three shocking events: attempted sexual assault at the hands of his brother-in-law Sykes, the drastic transformation of his sister Julia who has currently been reduced to an emaciated haggard-looking woman and Julia’s hysterical overreaction after receiving the news of their father’s death.

Eventually, Troy is abducted and imprisoned in a wing of Hodgson Hotel, where Sykes injects him with a substance that transforms Troy into a long-haired curvaceous woman called Tamara. Troy notices that he is not the only one being held captive at the Hotel: a number of young men abducted from the Dartmoor area have been forced to become women through mysterious rituals. And the most startling thing is that all the detainees have something in common: blonde hair and blue eyes.

For what purpose is Sykes converting men into women? What is the horrific formula that he uses for the transformation?


Troy/Tamara Carter: is the 18-year-old protagonist of the story. Troy is a pretty Miamian boy with golden blonde hair, china-blue eyes and dark prominent eyebrows. Troy’s height is 5’7 and he is slightly built. After the sudden death of his father, Troy visits his sister Julia who lives in Dartmoor with her husband. Troy is captured and imprisoned in a wing of a hotel owned by his brother-in-law Sykes who performs a series of mysterious rituals on him and converts him into a long-haired, curvaceous young woman called Tamara.

Gia, Mia, Ria: Are three young women aged 23, 20 and 21 respectively, who are incarcerated in the same room as Troy. All three ladies have curvaceous bodies and are blonde-haired and blue-eyed like Troy. When Troy first meets them the “sisters,” they are lean as adolescent girls but eventually grow voluptuous. Though there isn’t anything technically wrong with Gia, Mia and Ria, they have become temporarily mute due to the trauma they have experienced at Hodgson Hotel.

Julia Sykes: is Troy’s dark-haired, grey-eyed elder half-sister. Julia is 16 years older than Troy and has practically raised him after he lost his mother (her stepmother). When Troy arrives at Hodgson Hotel that is owned by Julia’s husband, Julia receives him with warmth, albeit nervously. Troy is shocked to notice that the once pleasantly, plump Julia is reduced to an emaciated, haggard-looking, anxious woman. When Troy informs Julia about their father’s death, the latter hysterically breaks down and claims that their father was killed because of “the sins” that she, Julia, has committed.

Arthur Sykes: is Julia’s husband and the owner of the gothic-styled Hodgson hotel. He is about 40 years old, is 6’6 tall and sturdily built. Sykes has coarse features: dark expressionless eyes, a huge nose and leathery lips. As soon as Troy arrives at the hotel, Sykes tries to impose himself on the boy and subsequently lets him go after Julia asks him to leave Troy alone. Subsequently, Sykes abducts and imprisons Troy in a wing of the hotel and gives the latter a substance that leads to his eventual transformation into a woman.

Father Anka: is the 45-year-old priest in a church in Dartmoor. He is of average height (5’8), has high cheekbones, a small nose and kindly tip-tilted eyes. Father Anka is a great friend of Sykes’s and the two catch up at the Gentlemen’s Club every Saturday evening. He is also familiar with Julia who attends the Sunday mass regularly. Father Anka’s presence is so comforting that even members of Sykes’s evil gang seek spiritual counseling from him. When the cab driver abandons Troy in front of the church, Father Anka is kind enough to drop the latter at Hodgson Hotel.

Joe Murray: is a 30-year-old policeman working with the Dartmouth Police Department. Murray is tall, well-built, and athletic and has a tonsured head. The Dartmouth Police Department suspects that the young men missing from around the Dartmoor region are been held captive at Hodgson Hotel. Murray follows the lead and tries to investigate further into the matter by joining Sykes’s gang and pretending to be one of its members. After a minor squabble, the gang members hang Murray from a rafter. Murray is rescued by Tamara and the two subsequently fall in love.

Slim: is a member of Sykes’s gang. He is a tall, gangling specimen who is disheveled hair and reeks of alcohol. When Troy is imprisoned in a wing of the Hodgson Hotel, Slim brings him food and female clothes. After Gia, Mia and Ria are fully feminized, Slim drags them away to another wing of the hotel, where the trio is forced to work as belly dancers cum prostitutes.

Leah: is a 10-year dark-haired la doncella or a little maiden who has been imprisoned in Hodgson Hotel for unknown reasons. Leah is drugged and fed chicha (a fermented brew made of maize that has drug-like properties), so that she becomes docile enough for Sykes to carry out his evil operations. After the effects of the drug wear off, Leah escapes the Hodgson hotel and is subsequently taken by Sykes to the region replete with bogs.

Driver Mitchell: is a portly, ruddy-faced cab driver in his 40s, who refuses to take Troy to Hodgson Hotel and drops him off at a nearby church instead. He goes as white as a sheet at the mere mention of Hodgson Hotel and claims that it “reeks of evil.” Driver Mitchell tells Troy that he has developed an anxiety disorder after the mysterious disappearance of his son George and the subsequent death of his wife, Janice.

Chieftain Tomas: was a chieftain living in the ancient Incan civilization. After the Incan emperor passes away, Tomas offers to give up his daughter for sacrifice, so that she can accompany the emperor in his afterlife (an old Incan belief). However, just when the girl is about to be murdered, Tomas changes his mind and pleads with the priest to spare his child. While the priest claims that it is too late to change the fixed course of events, he takes pity on the hapless father and injects a bit of the girl’s blood into him with unexpected results.

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