“Genderless Exile” is one of the stories of “Hijra, the Third Gender” series. The story traces the life of Pankaj (later called as “Nina”) between 12 and 24 years approximately. Pankaj was the only son of a navy captain who is from a wealthy family. His mother dies of illness when he was 11, and then his father almost immediately marries the second wife who has a son and a daughter. In an attempt to make her own son the heir of her wealthy husband, the stepmother wants to make Pankaj a shame of the family. Pankaj is framed by the stepmother into the third gender.


Pankaj/ Nina—Pankaj is the protagonist of ‘The Champion’s Bride’. The story traces his life between 12 and 24 years approximately. Pankaj is small, delicate and more feminine than most boys. After hormone replacement therapy and sex-reassignment therapy, he transforms into a petite, ethereally beautiful young woman. He unofficially starts calling himself ‘Nina’. As a young boy, Pankaj finds a soul-mate in his boyish stepsister, Shweta. Through all the trials and tribulations he goes through (which, incidentally, includes forced gender-swap, rough sex, molestation, humiliation, abduction, sexual assault, a jail term and custodial rape), Pankaj’s love for Shweta remains intact.

Rajkiran—He is Pankaj’s father. Rajkiran is a tall, muscular, swarthy, rugged, hypermasculine gentleman. The scion of a wealthy family; he joins the Indian navy. Rajkiran is Pankaj’s boyhood hero and inspires the latter’s dreams and fantasies. Rajkiran has a reserved nature and doesn’t spend too much time with his son. He is taken in by the untrue allegations his scheming second wife makes against Pankaj.

Sarika—she’s Pankaj’s biological mother who dies of leukemia when Pankaj is only eleven. Sarika is a native of Manipur and is a possessor of great celestial beauty. She’s petite (height 5’1), fair, has high cheekbones and straight hair. Her bones are exquisite. She passes on her good-looks to Pankaj.

Harpreet—she is Rajkiran’s second wife. A native of Punjab; Harjeet is tall and well-built. She marries Rajkiran for his wealth. She is the vamp of the story. She gets Pankaj’s gender changed and later, manages to get him framed and jailed for a crime of which he was, ironically, the victim. The purpose behind her plans is to get Rajkiran to disown Pankaj so that her own children could inherit his property.

Shweta—she is Pankaj’s stepsister who later goes on to become his lover. Shweta is a nice, friendly and good-natured girl. She is tall, muscular and good-looking in a masculine way. She resents her femininity and tries to hide signs of womanhood i.e. hips and breasts under tight innerwear. Shweta is a genius—she is good at everything. Shweta loves Pankaj deeply and does everything in her power to help him.

Sumer—He is Pankaj’s stepbrother and is the same age as Pankaj. Sumer is tall, muscular and masculine. He is excellent in sports. He has developed habits like smoking, drinking and going out with prostitutes at a very young age. He thinks Pankaj is a sissy and treats him with contempt.

Savitri/Savvy—she is a class-mate of Shweta’s. Savvy is a tall, well-built, high-spirited girl. She coaxes Pankaj to wear Shweta’s school uniform.

Damayanti/Big Momma—she is a tall, robust, dark hijra guru (leader) of the Jamaat (hijra community) that Pankaj is sold to. She is either a man or an intersexed person who has undergone a sex-change operation. Big Momma has huge breasts and a massive bottom. She is affectionate, bossy, maternal and frightening—all at the same time. Big Momma is perverted and has a high sex drive.

Harmeet/Horny—He is one of Nina’s regular customers. Twenty-nine-year-old Horny is a tall, beefy guy with a conventionally handsome face.

Vimal–Vimal is an average-looking young man in his 20s. He is brave and gallant and rescues Nina from a molester on a Mumbai-bound train.

Jonathan—He’s Nina’s adoptive father. Jonathan is a kind, benign gentleman in his 40s. His post is that of an English literature professor’s at a local college. Jonathan is a true Christian and believes in the virtues of charity, altruism, forgiveness et al.

Mary—she is Jonathan’s wife. Mary is sweet, kind and a true Christian like her husband. She sees in Nina her own daughter, Isabella, whom the couple had lost in a traffic accident a few years back. Mary is a loving, affectionate mother to Nina.aced.

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