“Impersonators: go out for wool and come home shorn” is a feminization romance novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Haruto and Daigo are two small-town 18-year-old boys who shift to a university in Tokyo to study history. The best buddies fall in love with their classmates Sara and Karen. Sara and Karen don’t reciprocate the boys’ interest.

In order to get closer to the girls they love, the two guys dress as young women and seek admission in the women’s dormitory. Their elegant Ikebana teacher, Miss Anna Watanabe, help the boys dress as Lolitas.

Pretending to be women, the two buddies succeeded in befriending their respective romantic interests. Haruto receives much-unwanted attention from the lecherous hostel manager, Genji Yamada. Rejecting Yamada’s advances comes with a massive price for Haruto and his friend. The two guys get embroiled in a tricky situation: the only way out of it is to begin HRT and later undergo SRS to really transform into women.


Haruto Tanaka (Honey): is the protagonist of the story. He is an 18-year-old boy with a smooth porcelain complexion, a high bridge nose and soft, feminine features. He is of average height (5’7) and has a not-too-muscular body. Haruto is mischievous but is also kind and sensitive. His love for Sara makes him studious and disciplined. When Haruto notices that even positive changes in him haven’t impressed Sara, he hatches a plot. He and his friend dress as women and seek admission in the women’s dormitory in order to get close to their love interests.

Daigo Nakamura (Sweetie): is Haruto’s best friend. The two have been inseparable since childhood. Hailing from the south of Japan, Daigo is darker than Haruto. He is tall, muscular and has a small nose. He too is of average height. Daigo too is a prankster but has a heart of gold. He happens to fall in love with Karen, Sara’s best friend. Karen doesn’t show any interest in Daigo. In order to win her over, Daigo agrees to Haruto’s plan. He too dresses as a woman and seeks admission in the dormitory the two girls are staying in.

Sara Saito: is the protagonists’ lady love. Sara isn’t a conventional Japanese beauty: she’s got dark skin, a square face and a voluptuous figure. Yet she is considered attractive. She’s intelligent, articulate, well-dressed and kind. Sara falls in love with Haruto when he is dressed as a woman. Sara is not concerned about her lover’s gender; she is ready to accept a person irrespective of whether they are male and female. When Haruto and Daigo get embroiled in deep, dark trouble, Sara suggests gender change as a means of escape.

Karen Takahashi: is Sara’s best friend. Karen is fair, small and petite. She sports the Sweet Lolita look and behaves in a cute, sugary manner like a little girl. Karen’s compassion for abandoned animals makes Daigo fall in love with her. Karen rejects Daigo’s advances but falls in love with him later when he’s dressed as a young woman. Karen quietly supports Daigo through all the troubles he subsequently goes through.

Anna Watanabe: is Haruto’s Ikebana/Origami/Kickboxing teacher. She is about 40 years old. Miss Watanabe has a perfect hourglass figure, an elegant understated sense of dressing and a friendly charming manner. She is very popular with the students, many of whom are infatuated by her. During Haruto and Daigo’s initial days in Tokyo, Miss Watanabe guides them to the best eateries. Soon, she becomes an elder-sister figure to the boys and even helps them dress as women.

Maiko Yamada: is the warden of the university-affiliated women’s dormitory. Mrs. Yamada is in her 50s, is tall, slim and expensively dressed. She is a respectable no-nonsense woman who believes that young women should get jobs only after graduating. She insists on strict discipline in the dormitory.

Genji Yamada: is the manager of the women’s dorm and also Maiko’s husband. Yamada too is in his 50s, is short, squat and flashily dressed. He is a lecherous guy who develops an attraction towards Haruto when the latter is dressed as a woman. He makes indecent proposals and advances towards Haruto, which the latter rejects. The rejection spurs Yamada’s ire, who vows to take revenge against Haruto. Yamada’s subsequent actions change the course of Haruto’s and Daigo’s young lives.

Yukihiro Suzuki: is an elderly automobile exporter who is charmed by and is married to a younger woman. He is subsequently poisoned by his wife who plans to amass his entire fortune.

Naomi and Kaori Suzuki: are Yukihiro Suzuki’s 19-year-old non-identical twin daughters. Naomi is tall for a girl (5’7), is fair and has a high-bridged nose. Her twin, Kaori, is also 5’7, but is dark and has a smaller nose. Both the girls study business administration in Chiba and haven’t met their father for a year. They are elated by the fact that their father has re-married and can’t wait to meet their stepmother.

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