“A Trans Girl in the Hood (Diamond in the Rough)” is a serious MTF Transgender mystery-suspense story.

Renato (or Renata, after changing the gender) appears in the scene as a 15-year-old boy living in the “Hood” located on the outskirts of Sopianae, Hungary.  It is a very impoverished area without proper and people living in the Hood don’t have education or employment. A majority of inhabitants depend on social welfare, and/or illegal activity.

Driven by the fear of becoming “the Freak of the Hood”, Renato wants to improve the situation and to fulfill his dreams.  When leaves the Hood behind, he became a PE teacher and then proceeds his way to becoming a woman.

Later he appears as a 25-year-old young girl, and finally as a thirty-year-old fully grown-up woman.


Renato/Renata is relatively introverted but never late with a witty answer. Whatever life throws at him/her, she is ready to fight back. She never lost her capability to dream and has a strong motivation and great willpower to reach them. At first, we see Renato as a fifteen years old boy, then as a twenty-five years old young girl and finally as a thirty-year-old, absolutely grown-up woman.

Mario is Renato’s best friend who betrayed their friendship. He is at the same age as Renato, a dark-skinned guy with a medium-height. Later, when they meet, he’s less of a jerk now. Works in a bakery and has a flabby belly. He never comes out of the closet, his sexual orientation remains secret. Their secret.

David is Renato’s first boyfriend. A giant, bald, and near-sighted alcoholic. He is middle-aged, successful as an editor. He financed Renato’s surgery and from that on their relationship is out of balance. He is an obsessive, jealous, hot-tempered and aggressive man.

Mark is Renata’s colleague, a 28 years old soccer coach. He is of the same height as Renata. He has a blond crewcut and green eyes. They share the same interests, they are both dreamers.

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