While on an all-night trek in Riverdale area of “Mini England”, 17 year old schoolgirl, Camellia Davis is pushed to death from a hill. Transgender sleuth, Hannah Brown, is requested to assist the police in the case. Hannah drives down to the scene of the crime and carefully studies all those who had been on the trek with Camellia. The suspects include a middle-aged professor of English literature, a kindergarten teacher in her early 20s and an introverted school-fellow, who was routinely taunted by Camellia. It also includes another classmate who might have begrudged Camellia for having played dirty with her.

As Hannah is sucked deeper into the case and Camellia’s murderer takes another life, Hannah unearths a few more suspects including Camellia’s fiery-tempered stepfather and a male cousin who secretly nurtures a desire to be female.

During the course of investigation, how many shocking secrets will Hannah ferret out? How many suspects discover Hannah’s true gender-identity and use the fact to taunt and assault her and threaten her very life?


Hannah Brown – Transgender Sleuth

Murdered Queen Bee of a High School


It was a full moon summer night. Camellia Davies made her way through the thick wooded area. She now regretted her idea of sauntering away from the group. She never knew the forests of Riverdale could become so convoluted, so long-winding and tortuous.

As she took a step forward, Camellia heard a rustling sound behind her. She tried reassuring herself that it was just the sound of leaves swishing in the wind. Camellia shivered in spite of the heat. She hurried through the secluded forests and climbed a hill in haste. The vegetation grew sparser.

Camellia’s fears dissipated when she reached the top of the hill. The place had its own stark beauty. All around stood boulders and beneath Camellia’s sneakered feet was whitish land. Camellia took a few steps forward and drank into the beauty of the sight that confronted her.

River Glassmere shimmered like emerald gold in the moonlight. Above it rose hills and dales, which were even more wooded than the one Camellia had climbed. As she admired the beauty of the scenery in front of her, Camellia heard a footfall. They were extremely faint at first, like in the forest. Soon they grew closer, until Camellia was convinced that her stalker was standing just a foot away.

She turned, and her face crumpled into angry recognition. She said: “It’s you! Why did you follow me here?”

The stalker merely smiled.

“Listen” said Camellia impatiently “get out of here before I lose my cool”.

The stalker only got closer. Camellia could feel the person’s distinctive breath on her face. She, suddenly, found herself perspiring. The stalker’s intent didn’t seem innocuous. Camellia was right. The stalker slapped her—hard. The sharp zipper of the assailant’s jacket cut through Camellia’s soft cheek, causing a deep vertical scratch. Camellia recoiled in shock. She put one hand to her bruised cheek and discovered it was wet. She was bleeding. The stalker placed one hand on Camellia flat belly and gave her the most powerful push ever. Shock registered on Camellia’s pretty face as she stumbled backwards, eventually falling into River Glassmere.

The stalker turned, heading off in the direction of the woods. The fact that Camellia couldn’t swim came as a great relief. The little bitch would soon be dead.

From a few feet away, someone had seen the murder. As the murderer got closer to the woods, the eyewitness froze. If a person had the gall to murder one individual, killing another would be a piece of cake. The eyewitness ran at lightning speed, in the opposite direction.

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