Fergus Meyers is a handsome 42 year old Irishman. An accident at 19 paralyzes his lower limbs, leaving him wheelchair bound. Fergus comes across beautiful Frenchwoman Delphina Dan Naud on a social networking site and falls in love with her. They speak over the phone, but Delphina gives the impression that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Fergus. Bitterly disappointed, Fergus decides to forget about Delphina. At nearly the same time, he is diagnosed with leukemia in its terminal stages. Fergus is given just a few months to live.

Fergus’s loyal manservant, Jock, tells him about a secret grotto fountain in south western France, the waters of which are rumored to have miraculous healing properties. The paralyzed have been able to walk and the terminally ill have been cured. Fergus and Jock traverse many miles and after an intensive, insane search, find the secret grotto with its waters shimmering like black gold in the night.

Feminized in the Pyrenees

Chapter 1 – A Fusillade of Kisses

The air was chilly, but dry. The cool winds of the Pyrenees hit Lord Esteban like a leash. He was old and grey and was trying to move as fast as his ancient legs would carry him. The pus and blood oozing out of the wound on his right calf made movement especially difficult. Nuno, his enemy, had released an arrow at lightning speed, before Lord Esteban had a chance to put on the armor of the thigh. Lord Esteban had put on his armor after he had been injured. He regretted his action now, as its weight was slowing him down further. It was quite dark and Lord Esteban’s vision was failing.

‘Nuno may be here anytime now’ he thought his heart palpitating. Lord Esteban’s enemy was clearly not one to be underestimated. Nuno was so clever that he had defeated Lord Esteban in spite of elaborate fortification by the latter. Lord Esteban had somehow managed to escape. His treasures, family and servants had been left behind in Spain.

Dread filling his heart, Lord Esteban painfully tottered across granite and gneiss peaks, mountain torrents and steep cliffs. He heard the clamorous gushing of many waterfalls and hot springs as he climbed up the slopes. He staggered up an area that was at an elevation of 420 meters. In between its center, ran a fast-flowing river into which flowed several small rivers. The land was bordered by a loop of an outcrop of rock. On the northern aspect on these rocks, near the river banks were naturally formed, haphazardly shaped shallow caves. Lord Esteban faced a short area of foliage. He pieced it with his lance. Much to his astonishment, a shallow cave or a grotto lay concealed within the protective, vigilant layers of the foliage. The spring above flowed over a plethora of rocks and gushed with roaring force in the manner of a waterfall. On the sultry magical night, the gushing waterfall looked almost golden and the pool in which the waters collected looked like shimmering black gold.

Across the fountain, stood Nuno. He had taken his armor off and stood in the entire glory of his tall, dark, beautiful youth. Lord Esteban noticed that Nuno had his lance and shield in position, as if poised to attack him. Lord Esteban felt old and utterly defeated. He threw his arms up in surrender.

‘You win, Nuno’ he said in a weary voice ‘Please pierce your lance through me right now’.

Nuno was an aggressive warrior, but he was a samurai. He had immense respect for the renowned warrier.

‘That wouldn’t be fair, Lord Esteban’ he said in a deep masculine voice ‘because you’re injured and tired. Please rest for the night. We’ll fight a duel in the morning and see who wins’.

‘Thank you, Nuno’ said Lord Esteban with dignity ‘You’re an enemy, but a noble one’.

Nuno silently nodded and sauntered a little distance away to rest. From where he was lying down, he could see lord Esteban getting into the fountain with his heavy armor on. As he immersed himself in the warm waters of the fountain, Lord Esteban felt an unrivalled sense of peace overtake him. So comforting were the woozy, amorphous arms of the water that Lord Esteban surrendered himself to the fountain. He wafted into its soporific arms, ready to be killed in the duel the following day.

The warm rays of the sun penetrated through the holes in Lord Esteban’s vizor. He found himself floating on the surface of the waters which, in the light of the first blush of dawn, appeared a lovely crystal turquoise. He felt very funny—softer, sprightlier and daintier—on the inside. The armor felt much too heavy and oversized–suddenly. Miraculously, the wound on his calf caused by Nuno’s arrow didn’t sting anymore….

‘What the hell has happened to me?’ wondered Lord Esteban ‘Have I shrunk overnight?’. He tried to get out of the spring, but the heaviness of the armor weighed him down. Tried as he did to get out, he repeatedly failed and fell back into the waters. Nuno, who had just woken up, watched his archrival struggling to get out of the spring. Like a gentleman, he lent a hand and pulled his enemy out of the fountain.

Lord Esteban picked up his lance and shield and poised himself for a fight. Nuno did too. With one quicksilver flash of his scimitar, he pierced Lord Esteban’s visor to reveal the most beautiful face in the world. He froze for a minute, mesmerized by the white marmoreal skin, glimmering soft long golden hair and inviting luscious red lips of his enemy. The nose was tiny, with a slightly haughty flare to it. Nuno looked at his enemy’s brilliant sapphire eyes and declared “there lies more peril in thine eye than twenty swords”.

Lord Esteban was confused. Why was Nuno looking at him in that strange manner? It was the look young men gave the ladies they were courting, certainly not an ageing enemy they intended to kill. Bewildered, he stood rooted to the spot.

Nuno stripped off Lord Esteban’s sabton, the part of the armor that covered the foot. In the place of an old big calloused foot he had expected to see, Lord Esteban found himself gazing at a tiny, petite foot. It was so dainty and ethereal that it might have belonged to an angel! Lord Esteban was astounded.

With a mischievous smile tugging the corners of his handsome lips, Nuno gently took off the plakart, the part of the armor covering his enemy’s abdomen. Lord Esteban’s abdomen was not coarse, broad and muscular like before, but soft, delicate and curvaceous. He was puzzled as Nuno bend down and tenderly kissed his oblong navel. Lord Esteban felt a delicious shiver go down his spine. By this time, he was beginning to remotely suspect what had transpired while he had lain in the spring.

Nuno inched closer to Lord Esteban. With increasing excitement, he took off the breastplate of the armor. With a stroke of the lance, he ripped of the clothes that covered Lord Esteban’s upper front. As the cloth came apart, two beautiful mounds, with coin-sized rosy areolas and distended pale pink nipples came into view, brazenly exposed in front of the enemy. Lord Esteban was seized by embarrassment as well as convulsive fury. Here he was, standing in front of his archrival, naked up to the waist! Lord Esteban felt so angry and vulnerable at the same time, he wanted to die. He made a half-hearted movement to cover his nakedness with his hands, but the metal gauntlet came in the way. Nuno benignly removed it for Lord Esteban, freeing the latter’s tiny fair hands. The belligerent expression on Lord Esteban’s face, as he hastened to cover his breasts, evoked gentle laughter from Nuno.

In one final masterstroke, he divested his fair captive of the entire armor. The tasset, the part of the armor that covered Lord Esteban’s thighs, came apart. The cloth covering Lord Esteban’s thigh slipped down and lay in a pool at his feet. No one could miss the soft golden hair covered triangle in between his legs, in place of where his penis had been. Lord Esteban’s worst fears had come true. He had turned into a young woman.

His aggressiveness only increased. ‘Now that nature has played a trick on me, I suppose I am vulnerable’ he said in honeyed tones of a woman ‘Kill me, Nuno! Kill me, right now!’

‘I will kill you’ said Nuno taking her in his arms and gently fondling her naked back ‘but not with this sword’.

‘Then with what?’ she raised her wide frightened eyes to her enemy.

‘With a fusillade of kisses, and a cannon of caresses, your body shall be thrusted by another sword that I own’ whispered Nuno sexily.


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