The Forbidden Circus (subtitle: A Forced Feminization Story) is a transgender horror novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa.

Alfred Batista is a beautiful 18-year-old boy. His life changes when a traveling Spanish circus called “Esplendor Circus” comes to town. On the night of a show a talking parrot, the star attraction of their circus is missing. The manager of the circus tricks Alfred into dressing as a girl. Alfred parades as a part of the exotic animal menagerie to divert people’s attention away from the missing parrot.

The pretty “girl” in the menagerie is a huge success and the owner makes a lot of money. He and the manager are now reluctant to let Alfred go. As Alfred tries to fight them and leave for home he is assaulted by the manager, Ruiz, in a bid to “tame” Alfred. Alfred’s spirit is partly broken.

The circus hula-hoop girl, Ronnie is sent to train Alfred in the art of spinning the hula hoop. Ronnie’s empathy for Alfred draws them close and the two fall in love. Suspecting that Alfred and Ronnie are becoming “too close,” Ruiz drags away Ronnie and locks her up.

Alfred is dressed as an Arabian dancer and is displayed in the menagerie for a second consecutive night. He undergoes the motions of spinning the hula-hoop with distress. At the end of the show, Alfred spots Ethan who has come to the circus the next day too. He narrates the horror of his ordeal to his friend. Catching the two boys talking, Ruiz and the owner, Mendoza anesthetize the two, throw them at the back of the circus truck and drive away towards Spain.

Since female performers are more in demand in the circus, the boys are framed to undergo a sex change. Alfred is changed into “Angie,” Ethan into “Yvette.” Alfred is continued to be displayed in the menagerie, while Ethan is used as the girl around whom the circus knife-thrower throws his knives.

Alfred continues to love Ronnie, and Yvette is in love with a circus clown, Reggie. However, the two are kept apart for many years by Ruiz and Mendoza. Will the lovers ever reunite? Will the harassed circus performers be released from the fiendish clutches of their employers?


Alfred Batista/ Angie: is the protagonist of the story. He is a “pretty” boy, with enormous blue eyes, pink apple-like cheeks and red hair. At 18, he is 5’7 and doesn’t yet display signs of puberty. However, Alfred’s tastes are “boyish”: He is interested in fishing and playing soccer. Alfred undergoes great distress after he is captured by the circus staff, forcibly dressed as a girl and displayed in the exotic animal menagerie. He bravely tries to escape after the show but is assaulted by the manager who intends to break Alfred’s spirit with the barbaric act. However, Alfred still continues working on his plan to escape. In a bid to do so, he gets his best friend, Ethan, captured too.

After being feminized, Alfred becomes a beautiful girl called Angie with long red hair, beautiful pink-tipped breasts and a lovely figure. He continues to be displayed in the exotic animal menagerie. Angie’s beauty becomes the talk of the town and attracts many men who are willing to pay to sleep with her. Angie’s captors sell her sexual services and use her for their own pleasure as well. During her sexual ordeals, Angie continues to be in love with the circus hula-hoop girl, Ronnie.

Ethan Faria/ Yvette: is the protagonist’s best friend. At 18, he’s 5’10, lean, dusky and has black eyes and hair. Though Ethan looks manlier than Alfred, he nurtures a secret desire to be a girl. He isn’t interested in sports but enjoys cooking.

After Alfred’s captors catch Ethan talking to Alfred, they anesthetize him too. Ethan is deprived of his capacity to produced testosterone and is framed to undergo a sex change. After HRT and SRS, Ethan becomes Yvette, a voluptuous girl with a desirable figure and long dark hair. She is used as the person around whom a professional circus knife-thrower throws his knife. At night, she too works as a prostitute and also services her captors. During her ordeals, Yvette continues to be in love with the circus clown, Reggie.

Ronnie: is the protagonist’s girlfriend. At 18, she is 5’5, ash blond, baby faced, has leaf green eyes and a voluptuous figure. She has been sold off by her parents to circus owner and Ronnie was given estrogen hormone injections to speed up the development of her child-like body. She subsequently works as the hula-hoop girl in the circus.

Ronnie empathizes with Alfred after he has been assaulted and teaches him how to hula hoop. The two fall in love and kiss. Fearing she and Albert are becoming too close, Ruiz isolates the young lovers. Ronnie is allowed to meet Alfred once after he is rendered impotent. After that short meeting, she reunites with him only after six years. Ronnie isn’t bothered that Alfred is now Angie. Her love for Alfred is so great that she accepts him even as a girl.

Reggie: is the circus clown cum uni-cyclist. At 18, he is 4 feet tall and is perfectly proportioned. Reggie has soulful light brown eyes, an aquiline nose and lips shaped like a cupid’s bow. He escapes his abusive family at 14 and joins Esplendor Circus. Reggie regrets his decision nearly instantly as the circus owner and manager ill-treat him. Reggie becomes friendly with Ronnie who has been sold into the circus at nearly the same time Reggie has joined it.

After Alfred and Ethan are recovering post being rendered impotent, Reggie is sent to give them food. The threesome starts a conversation. Reggie and Ethan fall in love. Fearing that Reggie is becoming too friendly with the abducted boys, Ruiz employs someone else to supply food to the boys. He makes sure Reggie never meets them again.

Reggie hears that Ethan has undergone a sex change and become Yvette. He also comes to know that she is being used in the hazardous feat of knife-throwing. Not a day passes when Reggie isn’t thinking of his beloved and fearing her safety. He finally gets to see Yvette 6 years later and the two make passionate love.

Claudio Ruiz: is the savage animal-trainer cum manager of Esplendor Circus. Ruiz is 34 years old and is dark and skinny. He has long greasy black hair, replete with lice and crooked rotting teeth. He decorates his eyes with kohl and wears an animal talon necklace around his neck.

After Lucio the parrot goes missing, Ruiz finds Alfred as a substitute star attraction. He tricks Alfred into dressing like a girl and displays him in the exotic animals’ menagerie. The following day when Alfred tries to attack Ruiz but is overpowered. He forces Alfred to dress as an Arabian dancer and displays him in the menagerie for a second consecutive night.

Later on, Ruiz and his boss, Mendoza anesthetize Alfred and Ethan and abduct them out of India. They get HRT and SRS done on the two boys and get them transformed into girls.

Ruiz has a cruel nature and ill-treats both animal and human performers. He meets his death while mistreating an elephant in musth.

Desi Mendoza: is the owner of Esplendor Circus. He is 50 years old, has a lined face, snub nose and pig-like eyes. Mendoza is fat and jowly. In spite of being the boss, Mendoza has got into the habit of taking directions from his subordinate, Ruiz.

After the talking parrot goes missing, Mendoza becomes panicky as the parrot is the star attraction of the show. He calms down at Ruiz’s behest and lets him go with the idea of using a feminized Alfred in the exotic animal menagerie. Mendoza decides that since female performers are more in demand in Esplendor circus, both Alfred and Ethan should be converted into girls. Mendoza orders HRT and SRS on the boys and uses them for dangerous circus gimmicks. He also sells their services as prostitutes to make extra profits. He orders Angie to get silicone implants to increase the size of her breasts. Mendoza who is sitting on the elephant Ruiz is ill-treating, eventually falls to his death.

Dr. Chavez: is the doctor who conducts HRT and SRS on Alfred and Ethan. She is also employed to implant silicone breast implants into Angie to increase the latter’s breast-size. Dr. Chavez is a tall, gigantic woman with a manly face and a husky voice. It is hinted that she was born male. However, it could also be a joke she cracks.

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