What is Hijra? – Conclusion

What is Hijra? – Conclusion The hijras number three billion people, making up a significant portion of India’s population. It’s a frequent misconception that all hijras are hermaphrodites. However, studies have shown that only a small percentage of the hijra population is born intersexed. Others could be anatomical guys who do not reach puberty and […]

What is Hijra? – Rising Against the Odds: Transgender Achievers

Despite the world and their own bodies conspiring against them, a few members of the LGBT community have triumphed. These individuals have succeeded in defying all difficulties and attaining their full potential. The first person who springs to mind is 51-year-old Manobi Bandhopadhaya, who overcame persecution and numerous heartbreaks to become India’s and, if the […]

What is Hijra? – Hijra Femininity

Despite the fact that hijras are classified as neither men nor women, they identify solely with the female gender. They are very proud of their femininity and enjoy dressing up in sarees, salwar-kameez (a long Indian shirt worn with baggy pants,) and western clothing. They wear traditional Indian female adornments such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, […]

What is Hijra? – Hijras Organize into Jamat

 Every human clan is separated along community lines in order to function successfully and keep anarchy at bay. The hijras are no exception. The majority of them live in jamats (Urdu for “gathering of elders”) and function as economic and social units. The guru, or teacher, is the leader of the jamat. On a […]

What is Hijra? – My First Encounter with Hijras (2)

I continued my trip and traveled to the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. My first destination in South India was Bangalore, Karnataka’s cosmopolitan and urbane capital. Bangalore—Silicon India’s Valley—appeared to be one of the most sophisticated cities in the country, with its pub culture, large immigrant population, and IT companies. It was […]

Comprehensive Guide into the World of Hijra, the 3rd Gender of India

Title: Transgendered People of India Subtitle: Forsaken Tributaries Series: Hijra, the Third Gender Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa Category: Non-fiction, LGBT   Be an armchair traveler to the world of Hijras, the Third Gender. This is a comprehensive travel book about Hijra of India if you want to find what Hijra is. Title: Transgendered People of […]

Reliving the Life of Queen Lysandra – A Crossgender Timeslip Story

Title: Reliving the Life of Queen Lysandra Subtitle: A Crossgender Timeslip Story Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa 55 year old anthropology professor, Paul Grant, is jaded with the familiar. He loves the familiarity of England, but also craves the exotic. During a project that involves the excavation and study of Egyptian mummies, he stumbles upon the […]