A Private Tutor: The Most Feminine Desire is a transgender novella written by Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa. The keywords are “iPS, transplant, MTF.”

This is a story of Nigella, a transsexual British woman who visits Barcelona and falls in love with a penniless singer.

The singer proposes to Nigella but asks for two years’ time to marry her as he wishes to become successful first. Nigella agrees to wait and gets a job as a governess in order to remain in Barcelona until she can marry him.

Nigella’s employer is a widower with two young daughters. He is also a scientist, working on secret research projects for which he makes the unsuspecting Nigella a guinea pig. Before Nigella knows it she undergoes a transplant surgery.

Will Nigella be able to get away from the employer’s crafty clutches?


Nigella Bailey: is the protagonist of the story. She is a beautiful 26-year-old pre-op transsexual Englishwoman with a pale complexion, green eyes and ginger hair. She has a kind, romantic heart that loves music and children. When in Spain, Nigella falls in love with the penniless Mathias. She works as a governess until Mathias can afford to marry her. Her life takes an unexpected twist when under the employ of Dr. Martinez in Martinez Mansion. Nigella eventually undergoes SRS, a uterus transplant and is eventually impregnated.

Mathias Crespo: is Nigella Bailey’s 26-year-old lover. He is tall, lean, has chiseled features and jet black hair. Mathias falls in love with Nigella and promises to marry her when he becomes successful. In three years’ time, he becomes a superstar with the world at his feet. He can have any woman in the world. Yet his love for Nigella remains intact. Mathias is suspicious of the contract Dr. Martinez makes Nigella sign and warns her about it.

Dr. Gonzalo Martinez: is Nigella’s employer. He is in his late 40s, is tall, well-built and well-dressed. He has dark hair tinged with grey and flinty grey eyes. Dr. Martinez is a scientist, who has a close working relationship with the Kyoto Research Team in Japan. However, Dr. Martinez misuses his position and uses Nigella as a guinea pig for his experiments. He also falls in love with Nigella, impregnates her with his child and then proposes to her.

Zoe Martinez: is Dr. Martinez’s 7-year-old daughter. She has fair hair, blue eyes and is fair-complexioned like her deceased mother. She is a good, angelic child who adores Nigella.

Camila Martinez: is Dr. Martinez’s 4-year-old daughter. She has dark hair, grey eyes and is sturdily built like her father. She is a sweet child, but a bit mischievous.

Penelope Martinez: The girls’ deceased mother. She was abused as a child as a result of which she suspected every man of being a pedophile.

Javier Mora: is the elderly caretaker and gardener of Martinez Mansion. Mora is small, skinny and wrinkled. He is loyal to Dr. Martinez and follows his orders strictly. As per Dr. Martinez’s instructions, Mora doesn’t allow anyone inside the mansion premises after 7 pm. Mora tells Nigella that ever since Dr. Martinez’s wife passed away, he has become especially reclusive. He also tells Nigella that Dr. Martinez has a close working relationship with the Kyoto Research Team in Japan.

Maria Fernanda: is the plump, comfortable-looking cook of Martinez Mansion. She is in her mid-fifties and keeps to herself. She doesn’t ever disobey Dr. Martinez.

Emilia: is the timid, mousy-looking maid employed at Martinez Mansion. Emilia is quite young and is terrified of Dr. Martinez. When Nigella is locked inside her bedroom by Dr. Martinez, Emilia brings her food. She, however, is too afraid to help Nigella escape.

Dr. Samuel Perez: is the reputed surgeon in Barcelona who performs SRS on Nigella.

Dr. Antonio Rodriguez: is a competent gynecologist cum obstetrician who implants a new uterus into Nigella’s body. He also helps her deliver a baby through C-section.

Dr. Sofia Bardem: is the bespectacled, middle-aged general physician who confirms that Nigella is pregnant.

Valeria de Falla: a top attorney in her early 40s who informs Nigella and Mathias that the contract created by Dr. Martinez (and signed by Nigella) is foolproof.

Nicolas Nuno: an old classmate of Mathias’s who used to be poor, but has currently become a rich businessman. He hasn’t forgotten how good Mathias was to him in childhood. Nicolas helps Mathias by teaching him the ropes of the music industry, giving him an image makeover and helps him strike a partnership with a major recording company. Thanks to Nicolas’s help, Mathias becomes a famous musician.

Baby Tomas: The child born to Nigella. Tomas has black hair and green eyes. He looks like his father, Dr. Martinez. Temperament-wise, Tomas is a sweet, happy child.

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